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Street Organics is a family business. The journey started in 2011, Kristen Morisson wrote "Naturally Better" that has been sold in 32 countries and it was inspired by her son Gryffin who was born with down syndrome. They started with opening an online store called "Naturally Better Foods" and a co op store in Murumbeena. Finally opened the current cafe in 2013. Street Organics is all about catering to a spesific diet such as gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, veggo, paleo, dairy-free, foodmap (Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Monosaccharides, Polyols). 

Street Organics have several seating area on the first floor and larger seatings area on the second floor. The mini supermarket located on the first floor where you can buy their kombucha drinks and other healthy products.

I was given a voucher by zomato celebrating the Vegan Day on the 1st of November but I haven't got a chance to use it until recently. To be honest, I'm not big on all of the new trending extreme healthy eating. It's not that I don't like fruits and vegetables, I eat them everyday but usually on weekends, especially on brunch day I wanted to indulge. I ordered the Big Breakfast - Organic chemical-free ham with poached eggs, house-made baked sauerkraut served on sourdough or GF toast with a green smoothies and a hot drink ($20).

I picked Matcha Latte - ice, cashew milk, matcha, stevia leaf as part of the big breakfast package and it was one of the best Matcha Latte in Melbourne. It was slightly sweet, not grainy at all and the milk was smooth and fluffy.

The green smoothies also come in a packages and it's surprisingly taste good as well. It does not taste like drinking vegetables at all, it was slightly sweet and fresh.

Ice Tumeric & Ginger Latte -ice, cashew milk, tumeric, ginger, stevia leaf, coconut milk ice cream ($9.5). I enjoy the coconut milk ice cream, it does not taste as awful as I thought. I still able to enjoy it but I don't know if I'll ever order this again, I love my normal coffee too much.

Acai bowl - berries, seeds & nuts ($14). Originally, this dish has frozen banana as one of the toppings but they happily replaced it with crunchy coconuts for me. As any acai bowl feels like eating smoothies with a spoon but it does taste fresh and enjoyable.

Fresh muffins - oat, carrot, zucchini & apple. This is a vegan muffin which another great thing about this cafe that they care about people with all healthy eating preferences and try to cater to them the best they can.

The service was friendly, attentive and they gladly answer all of our questions since I'm not familiar with some of their products. Street Organics proved that healthy eating could be as enjoyable as a meaty diet once in a while.

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Monday-Friday: 8am-6.30pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-4pm

Street Organics
1430 High St
Malvern, VIC 3144

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