Wednesday, January 27, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Shizuya is one of the popular bakery in Kyoto. In 2012 they made a brand new stores called "Sizuyapan" at JR Kyoto Station. This ship specialises in An pan - Japanese sweet roll mostly common filled with red bean paste even though at Sizuyapan there are numerous variety flavours. There are some limited editions and seasonal flavours as well.

Most of them are 210yen per piece but some of the limited editions has a slightly higher price. At first I only buy the matcha ogura flavours but after tasting it, I ended up buying almost all flavours they have. The bread texture was so soft and a bit sticky with generous ogura fillings, it was delicious.

They have a different sign for each of the flavours printed on top of the an pan. This the inside of the cinnamon flavours, look at the layers of colours and they taste good too. Kuromame yuzu was another popular flavours. Kuromame is sweet black soy bean and yuzu is hybrid of sour mandarin & ichang papeda. The kuromame was sweet, rich and thick and the yuzu helps lighten things up.  

The other flavours such as yuzu, matcha, siro, waguri, ogura was pretty nice too but my favourite have to be the matcha ogura.

Sizuyapan is perfect for a unique and authentic Japanese souvenirs. They have a long life span and a nice cardboard packaging so it will be durable during travels.

Monday-Sunday: 9am-9pm

JR Kyoto Station