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When I was researching what to eat at Nara, Shizuka pop up on my research and it is also recommended by lonely planet. Shizuka is best known for it's Kamameshi - rice in a small metal pot and topped with other ingredients. Then by chance I saw Shizuka front door on my way to Todaiji temple. I decided to quickly join the already long queued of people. While we were waiting, the restaurant took our orders then prepared our meals since it takes more than half an hour to cook kamameshi. They have an English description and pictures on their menu so it will be easy to order even though you can't speak Japanese. 

Shizuka pays a lot of attention to each kamameshi served to the customers. There is a detail step by step direction on how Shizuka makes their famous Nanashu-Kamameshi. I ordered Tempura Gozen (2160yen) - Nara-nanashu kamameshi, side dish Tempura, miso soup, pickles and fruits. Nara-nanashu kamameshi is made of rice with burdocks, carrots, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, peas, chicken, prawns, eel and crab.

There is 3 steps how to eat Kamameshi:
1. Take some of the hot rice into your bowl with the paddle provided and don't forget to put the lid back on every time. It is crucial to put the lid on, so that Okage (burnt rice) will be steamed and easily scraped off at the end of the meal.
2. When you are ready for the Okage, scraped off okage from the rim of the pot. If there is okage, you can't scraped off, put the lid on again and let it be for a while.
3. Enjoy every last bit of your okage.

For me this dish truly shows pure ingredients taste, for some people it might be too plain and they need to put more seasonings to it to be able to enjoy the dish. Okage was definitely the best part of kamameshi, they are aromatic, crunchy and tastier than the first part of kamameshi. The tempura was nice and crunchy

I also ordered chicken yakitori (900yen) and they are served in plate without the skewers and tasted really good and tasty with generous sauces on top. 

They have two kind of seatings; Japanese traditional tatami seatings and modern seatings. The restaurant is decorated with traditional wood Japanese theme. Overall, it was a pleasant experience , their service was awesome but I would not wait over one hour again for this dish.

Score: πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
Monday, Wednesday-Sunday: 11am-8pm

Shizuka (English & Japanese)
59-11 Noborioji-cho
Nara-koen, Nara, Nara prefecture
On the main road between Kintetsu  station and Todaiji. Across from National Museum.


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