Oppa Kitchen

Tuesday, January 05, 2016 Sharon Halim 2 Comments

Oppa in Korean means respected term for Korean girls to call older male friends or brothers. Oppa Kitchen means older brothers kitchen. This restaurant has appealing vibe, from the neon sign. Modern, well decorated and edgy style designs. Combining between modern western style with authentic Korean style, it stands out from the other restaurant around it.

The let down was the food. I ordered the Dosirak: meal bucket - grilled bulgogi beef steak meal bucket ($12). It was served in a real wooden bucket, the taste though just average. The beef steak was really really tough to it even though the sauce was tasty and the portions was a little small.

 I ordered two types of Tong dak - Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) with original sauces and soy garlic ($6-11) and also the wings/ribs. Both of them are really small and taste just average.

The chicken curry rice kind of taste like don don or hanaichi but with more expensive prices and less portions.

They used a system where you fill out a piece of paper with your order provided on your table and give it to the staff when you are ready to order. Their service was typical asian restaurant, in a hurry and less attentive. This place has a lot of potentials, it's located in the busiest street in Melbourne CBD, it has a trendy interior, all they need to do is to improve their food.

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Monday-Wednesday & Sunday: 11.30am-10pm

Oppa Kitchen
271 Swanston st
Melbourne, VIC 3000