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Friday, January 29, 2016 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Kitty Burns is one of the most beautiful new cafes in Melbourne right now. It's located in the quiet part of Victoria street at the Acacia Place complex - The Village new apartment complex in Abbotsford. 

Explicitly designed by Biasol Design studio with a Scandinavian ambience. High ceilings, natural wood, blonde timber frames, dreamy pastel blue and the big glass window gives the cafe plenty of air and natural light. Kitty Burns has spacey indoor and outdoor tables with plants scattered around the place, blending in with the view of Yarra.

The menu is inventive and a combinations between modern and traditional breakfast dishes. Girleatsmelbourne and I went in on a Wednesday, both of us was pretty keen to catch up after my long holiday. She already know what she wants to order and it's Torched King fish - kimchi mayonnaise, leek ash, sea succulents, roast sesame dressings, edamame beans, Japanese rice, poached eggs ($22.5). The concept comes from a deconstructed sushi. Right from the very first bite, she notice there was something missing. Later on, we decided to swap plate and it was pretty blend, even though everything was beautifully cooked. Than she notice there was something really missing by comparing the dish to a picture on Instagram than we tried analysing the menu and turns out the kimchi mayonnaise was not on the plate. We stay quite about it cause we don't really want to return a half plate to kitchen.

I was pretty indecisive on what to order than finally decide on The KB - shaved free range pork belly, brioche bun, green mango & papaya slaw, umami mayonnaise and house made pickles ($21). It was the right decision cause it was delicious. The bun as fluffy, soft and sweet mixed with the super tender and flavourful pork belly. Umami mayonnaise brings all of the ingredients together and I clean up my plate nicely.

We order the Insta famous for dessert Eton Mess - coconut yoghurt, strawberry textures, spiced meringue, activated buckwheat clusters, wild orange and goji berry ($14.5). I love this dish, not only it was beautiful but it taste light, fresh with crunchy meringue and it was certainly a healthy dish. 

We were on our way out, we were ask whether all of the dishes was okay. My friend decides to mention the incident and the staff apologise. He also gave us 10% discount. Another staff came in and ask us about the incident, we decided to show her the photo cause we did take tons of them. In the end, she apologise.

I was ready to exit the cafe and I saw these goodies, we thought it was crumpets but turns out it's a baked doughnuts. I decided to give it a try and pick the two most popular flavour and lucky me they give it to me for free. Berry Baked Doughnuts ($4) - it was really sweet and dense.

Nutella & Peanut Butter Baked Doughnuts ($4) - both of the baked doughnut have a sticky and dense texture. I'm not sure whether I like the texture.

Regarding coffee, I ordered my regular skinny cappuccino and she has her cold brew. My coffee was pretty decent in flavour and temperature. I was hoping to get some cute coffee art but it was the normal coffee art, maybe I should have made a request in the beginning. For a quick take away coffee, they have a coffee cart in front of the cafe specialise for a quick treats.

I was quite happy with my visit to Kitty Burns beside the incident with the kingfish dish. The service was friendly and attentive but most of all, I really like the interior design. Definitely one of my favourite cafe in Melbourne for their atmosphere, interior decorations and natural lighting. I really want to try their tiramisu but it was not there on the menu so I guess would have to come back to try their tiramisu and smoked pea & garden mint panna cotta dish.

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Monday-Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-4pm

Kitty Burns
24 Acacia Place,
Melbourne, VIC 3067

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