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Friday, January 01, 2016 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Golden Child is a unique cafe in Glen Iris. It has a huge space and able to accommodate large group number of people, they have outdoor spaces in front with shades and indoor warehouse style cafe. It's located right besides the Burwood station, easily accessible even without cars but there are a lot of parking spaces all around the neighbourhood.  

I came in on a Saturday around 12.30pm and given table inside straight way. On the way in they have an open kitchen and it's fun to watch where all your food is in the making.

Their coffee was really good, perfect temperature when served, have a nice kind of bitterness and fluffy milk. It has a warm feeling on your stomach once you drink it.

I ordered mushroom arancini with bononcini, confit garlic aioli, sumac, truffle oil, served with rocket salad ($19). This dish is so delicious, the mushroom arancini was crunchy on the outside and soft, flavoursome and will totally melt in your mouth. The truffle oil gives a wonderful smell and uplift the taste of the mushroom. They adds pesto with the rocket and it mixed nicely with the garlic aioli, it balanced the flavours.

The other popular menu is cauliflower and potato rosti with salmon, Perisian feta, poached eggs, salsa verde & French stick ($19). They have a generous serving and beautiful appearance. The cauliflower and potato rosti was crunchy and tasty, salmon was fresh and I love the French stick.

Slow cooked lamb brioche with grilled baby leeks, candy walnuts, vegan cream cheese & fresh spinach ($18). The lamb was juicy, tasty but a bit too salty, the brioche was warm and fluffy. The sweet potato chips that comes with it was my favourite, it was super crunchy and sweet.

Most of the staff was but a bit slow in preparing and serving the food. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Definitely would be back for the coffee and mushroom arancini.

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Golden Child
03 9889 6969
1-3 Bardolph St
Glen Iris, VIC 3146

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