Dinner by Heston

Sunday, January 24, 2016 Sharon Halim 12 Comments

Dinner by Heston started in London (2011) and quickly awarded one Michelin star then won 5th place on The World's Best Restaurant list. Heston is fond of the historic British gastronomy and it also has the influence on the name of the restaurant. In the old days, dinner was a main meal whether it was eaten on midday or nighttime but on some area in UK, people still use dinner for lunch/dinner.

Heston had 15 restaurant offers from around the world but he love Melbourne and that's what lead him here. Dinner by Heston opened in Melbourne on October 2015, it's the first Heston's permanent restaurant outside of the UK. Obviously that reservations is highly recommended, it has been a challenge from the very first day, lucky me I managed to get a table within their second month. Melbourne kitchen is headed by Ashley Palmer-Watts with each dish represents or inspired by historical British dish. Heston is really serious regarding his British roots and it clearly shown.

The restaurant was spacious and open, decorated with dark wood tables and chair. They have some rounded comfortable sofas for some tables. The view highlighting Melbourne skyline enhanced the vibe to even more modern but classy and luxurious. The service was incredibly friendly, helpful and attentive. Even though our dinner was running a bit late because of the desserts come a little bit longer than expected and there are people waiting for our table, they still provided the best service they can.

On my honeymoon in 2013, I have the privilege to visit Dinner by Heston, London and I have to say the menu is very similar to what Melbourne is serving right now. They do use some Australian ingredients to create a twist on their dishes. The menu is a la carte with a reasonable prices but a bit higher than the normal fine dining dishes, high 30's for entrees, high 40's - high 80's for main and high 20's for dessert. There is a tasting menu options but only available for chefs table or private dining room. 

Complimentary locally baked Bread with Butter. The bread was sourdough and the butter was served on the perfect temperature.

Meat Fruit (c.1500) - mandarin, chicken liver parfait and grilled bread ($38). I have eaten this dish before in London and honestly, it was as good as it was before. The chicken liver parfait was smooth and creamy, clearly well made.

Roast Marrowbone (c.1720) - snails, parsley, anchovy, mace & pickled vegetables ($36). The bone marrow was well cooked, very well seasoned. Love it.

Frumenty (c.1390) - octopus, spelt, pickled red moss, chervil emulsion and smoked sea broth ($36). I don't normally like octopus but this one, I don't mind at all. Perfectly cooked, not too rubbery and the sea broth was light but refreshing.

Powdered Duck Breast (c.1670) - cooked with Ale and artichokes ($54). This is the best main out of the four, the duck was very well cooked and seasoned. 

Slow cooked Pork Belly (c.1820) - spelt, lardo, baby turnip and Robert sauce ($54). I was a little bit disappointed by the pork belly because it still has the strong pork smell, even though the sauces are not bad.

Black Angus Ribeeye (c.1830) - mushroom ketchup and fries ($75). The steak was still pink in the middle but I don't know why it's a bit tough to eat. I love the mushroom ketchup and fries.

Fillet of Black Angus (c.1830) - mushroom ketchup and fries ($85). This steak was much better than the ribeeye, it was tender and the beef taste delicious.

Tipsy Cake (c.1810) - spit roast pineapple ($30). This is the iconic dessert by Heston and I have tried this before and love it. There were four of us and we order 2 tipsy cake, just because I know how good it is.

Nitrogen Ice cream ($20/serve). This is another dish that I have experienced before in London, back then Nitrogen ice cream was not something easily could be find around the corner. My dining partner that night have not experience this before so we decided to order them. It's a vanilla ice cream with 4 topping options, it was freshly made in a trolley in front of you.

Complimentary Rich Chocolate Mouse with Biscuits. This is a nice finishing touch with something rich and creamy with a little bit of crunchiness.

Overall, I have the same feeling as my previous visits to Dinner by Heston in London. Loving the vibe of the place and service, it's outstanding. Regarding the food, I feel the entrees and desserts are much stronger than the main.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Monday-Thursday & Sunday: 5.30pm-11pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm-2pm & 5.30pm-11pm

Dinner by Heston
Crown Towers lvl 3
8 Whiteman St
Southbank, VIC 3006


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