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Sunday, January 03, 2016 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Saint Marc Cafe was first opened at Ginza Maronie Boulevard , Tokyo in 1998. Since then there are over 300 outlets all over Japan. 

After all the fun I had at Universal Studio's Osaka, I'm in need for a good cup of coffee and by chance pass by Saint Marc Cafe at the Citywalk. Their coffee was average, a bit too watery for me.

Saint Marc Cafe is famous for their signature product called Chococro (170yen). It's a beautifully made croissant with a mixture of Ghana beans and finest Ecuador beans. I like the beans flavour but the croissant it self was just average for me, a bit too dry.

I tried their Matcha Chococro (180yen) and Orange Chococro (180yen). Both of them have the same bread textures as the original Chococro, a bit dry but it was freshly made. There are big ovens at the back of their counter and they freshly baked every time something sold out cause when I fist arrived at the cafe there are only several options left than they started to baked some more. I love their matcha fillings, it was creamy, perfect balanced between bitter and sweet. The orange was just average to me.

They also have other bread such as almond bread, sausages bun, cheese bread and many more which I take away for the next day breakfast. Even after the next day their bread did not dried up, all of them still fluffy and moist inside. Almond bread was quite nice and sweet.

Sausages bun was very tasty, have a nice kind of salty and combine with the sweetness provided by the bread, it was a nice breakfast.

Some of their cafe also served waffles and kakigori which are perfect for the summers. Their kakigoris was just average.

Saint Marc also have an international branch in Singapore since 2012 and now they are up to four outlets located all over Singapore.

Overall, their prices are relatively cheap even though most of their bread served in small size. Their services was friendly and attentive. The cafe it self was cozy and spacey. I think in Japan there are so many competition for good food and this one just lost in the mist.

Monday-Sunday: 10am-10pm
Chococro by St Marc Cafe (Japanese Only)
Universal Citywalk Osaka
Shimaya, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 554-0024, Japan

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