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I have been going to this franchise for more than ten years. I first visit this franchise in Singapore when I was on holiday with my family. The offer a wide ranges of cakes and all of them are well decorated. They also sell hot food and have a large variety of drinks. At first their famous for their Italian Soda, they have a variety of fruit syrup and then mixed it with soda. My favourite cake was called "Fraiser" it was green sponged cake with strawberries but they discontinued it a couple years a go.

They have come a long way, every now and then they renew the menu, adding and deleting some of their dishes to improved their quality. It still is, one of my favourite dessert place every time I went back to Jakarta. Never seems to disappoint.

Baileys Soufflé are one of my all time favourite. I tried their Grand Marnier and Chocolate Soufflé but Baileys is the clear winner. It was sweet but not too sweet, the sauces was creamy but light. Strong baileys flavour mixed with the fluffy and airy texture of the Soufflé (IDR 60k). 

Red velvet lava cake is one of the new creations. It maintain the same beautiful textures as the classic chocolate lava cake. Red velvet is very popular nowadays and somehow it gives a modern flare to a classic desserts (IDR 60k).

The last but not the least the classic chocolate lava cake. This is one of their most popular dessert at all times. Beautiful textures of the melted chocolate inside and the cake outside. Dark, thick chocolate balanced with the creamy vanilla ice cream and lighten by the fresh fruits (IDR 60k).

The let down was the portions are getting smaller and smaller but the price are getting higher and higher even though it is still reasonable. The staff was always friendly and helpful. There might be a line on some of the branches on the weekends.
Their pasta  such as penne carbonara or spaghetti aglio olio and other dishes hot dishes are pretty good too. It's pretty rare to find a restaurant that has a strong suit all around;starters, main and desserts. They also accept birthday and special events cakes and hamper order and also provided delivery services for cakes and hamper only.

Score: ðŸ’‹ðŸ’‹ðŸ’‹ðŸ’‹
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Mall Kota Kasablanka, Lvl Ground.
Jl. Kota Kasablanka raya, Kav. 88
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia