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Friday, January 22, 2016 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

48h opened end of last year and it is the very first pizza and gnocchi bar in Melbourne. Opened by Fabio and Michele (ex D.O.C) who are clearly very passionate about authentic Italian food, especially gnocchi. They have the experience, talent and heritage to create the ultimate Italian dining experience. It is located strategically in a calm neighbourhood, just 8-10 minutes walking distance from Hawksburn Station.

I was invited by Fabio and Michele on December but I was away on my trip but we managed to find a suitable time and here we are. They ask us to respond to the invite within 48h and I would like to return the favour by posting my review within 48h after my visits. The restaurant fits 30-40pp with limited outdoor seats in front, the indoor atmosphere was homey, rustic with brick walls and classic wooden tables and a touch of modernity with the naked light bulb. 

Not long after I arrived, Fabio came and greeted me and then Michele shows up explaining a little bit of the menu. They asked us if we were interested in trying anything spesific but I honestly happy for them to decide on the dishes since it's their restaurant and they must know best. Fabio started with pouring us their NV Prosecco 'Tasi' DOC imported from Veneto, Italy. It was crisp, fresh, sweet with a touch of sour and went well with the dishes.

The first dish was Rotolo - buffalo mozzarella sheet, white anchovies, salmon, extra virgin olive oil ($18). Every Thursday the buffalo mozzarella specially arrived from Italy, it is indeed very fresh and smooth. The salmon has been marinated for 48 hours and the anchovies came from Sicily. I love this dish so much, it was light yet flavourful. No fishy smell at all. The ikura or salmon egg was sweet and just pop in your mouth. I could definitely have more of this.

Fabio explained that all their gnocchi is made with gluten free flour which makes them lighter and easier to digest. Gnnochi Agnello - slow cooked lamb, tomato sauce, Taggiasche olives, wild mushroom ($22.5). The gnocchi was sticky, firm and perfectly partnered with the light and fresh tomato sauce. The lamb was super tender and no lamb smell at all which is so important to me. My partner loves it so much, he said we should come back and try their other gnocchi dishes.

The 48h comes from their pizza process, the leave their dough for at least 48 hours to ensure the lightness of the pizza. Lipari - Sicilian cherry tomato sauce, prawns, caper berries, organic serano ($23). The pizza was thin, light, crispy but still moist. It mixed well with the sweet cherry tomato sauce and generous serving prawns but somehow I needed a bit more of flavours in it.  At this point, I still prefer the gnocchi.

Latte in Pietra - buffalo milk dessert ($10). This is a twist on panna cotta with blood orange syrup for a bit of freshness, sweetness and bitterness. As most of you have known, I love panna cotta and I love this dish so much, I could eat it on my own and maybe more.

Again, as some of you have known I love Tiramisu ($12). I had my eye on it from the very beginning so when one of the staff ask me whether I want something else, I just jumped into it and certainly do not regret it. The tiramisu was rich but light in the same time, the creme was firm but still melts in your mouth but It needs more liquors in it.

Fabio and Michele pride them self to use the best fresh products to produce the highest quality of the food. Fabio is mainly in front of the restaurant, talking to the customers, explaining the menu passionately, he is clearly enjoying him self. Michele is the chef and he definitely knows what he is doing, cause it's Wednesday night and people are lining up for both dine in and take away. Reservation is highly recommended.

It was a great night, I really enjoyed Fabio and Michele's food as well as their service. I would definitely come back to try their activated charcoal gnocchi.

Score: πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
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Monday-Thursday: 5pm-10pm
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48h Pizza & Gnocchi Bar
373 Malvern Rd
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