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Padre Coffee has its original store at Brunswick East on late 2007 - early 2008. Began with two passionate man and after all this time it still is a small business that prides itself in making amazing coffee. They provided various blend from farmers al around the world. 

I love their coffee, it was very consistent. It just simply a very nice coffee! Love the temperature and the bitterness, they make it just right.

They sell some pastries on their small glass display such as muffin and croissant. I ordered the pumpkin and fetta pastry and it was pretty good too. The pastry was crunchy, the pumpkin was so soft and tasty. 
Padre have an online shop that sells coffee beans, tea, chocolate and many other coffee equipment and merchandises. They are also have a delivery options. Right now they have three stores; the original store at Brunswick East, Queen Victoria Market and South Melbourne Market. The first photo in this post was taken by friend Michelle Setiawan, thank you for the charming cover photo.

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Monday,Tuesday,Thursday: Closed
Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 7am-4pm
Friday: 7am-5pm

Padre 9699 8348
322-326 Conventry St
South Melbourne, VIC 3205

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