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Noisette was found by David Menard, 5th generations baker. Noisette has 2 productions facilities servicing all around Melbourne metropolitan area and some regional areas. They are based on South East Melbourne, this facility produces all their baked goods as well as their distributions hub. They own two retail store at Port Melbourne and the brand new store at Bentleigh.

The Bentleigh store offers a lot of variety of bread, pastry,macaron and cakes. It has a warm, classic but modern and cozy vibe. It's a nice place to chill or wok with your laptop and read a book. They have outdoor spaces and have the glass door (that is so in trend right now, you will see it everywhere) to modern the place up. They served breakfast and lunch only.

They served an average coffee. We tried the almond croissant and the bread it self have a texture closer to normal bread than croissant and taste that way too, but the almond custard inside was delicious. The ham and cheese croissant was just average. Same texture of the bread with the almond croissant. 

We tried the mattise cake which a dark chocolate mouse, dark chocolate sponge, vanilla cream brulee, raspberry rubis and chocolate glazed. It tasted really good. Dark thick chocolate not so sweet combine with the creamy vanilla to balanced the chocolate and the raspberry to lighten and fresh it all up. 

The other cake we tried is the sunrise which consists of carrot cake on the bottom, cream cheese on top and finish with orange marmalade. This one it's just average, when you eat all the components together it tasted better than when you eat all the component separately. The carrot cake taste good but too dry, the cream cheese does not taste like cheese at all and way too sweet. The orange marmalade on top also too sweet and needed a lil bit more orange.

The overall prices are still reasonable. Their staff work fast because even on weekdays they are really busy both take away and dine in customers.

Another why I post this on New Years eve? In Indonesia back then when I was a kid, we don't really have a lot of options in celebrating New Years. Either travel somewhere out of the country or town, or line up to see the fireworks at Monas. Most of the time if we decided to stay in Jakarta, we decided to spend it at home with families. So since I live in a bakery, I spent half of my New Years eve in my life in it. Don't get me wrong, we did buy a lot of confetti and fire works and it was fun. For me, the perfect post to close my 2015 is a bakery post.

Enjoy your New Years Eve, have fun, be safe and prepare to be tempted by 2016!

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412 Centre Rd
Bentleigh, VIC 3204

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