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I noticed this small waffles shop everywhere in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. They always smell so good but I'm usually too full and decided to skip it but one time, I can't hold it any longer so I decided to try it at Osaka stations. 

Manneken's waffles has a 26 years old history and the first store opened in Umeda, Osaka (1986). The waffles soon became popular with the locals and they decided to open 12 stores in Osaka and over 14 stores around Japan. They have a Belgian boy pissing for a logo, that I don't understand why?

I decided to try some of their freshly baked waffles, they are intended to be consumed on the day of purchase. The most popular flavour is the plain belgian waffle (120yen), they are soft, fluffy and doughy on the inside but crispy on the outside. The other popular flavours is the chocolate glazed waffle (151yen), basically the same as the original flavour but with bitter sweet chocolate glazed on top and of course it taste good.

Sweet potato butter waffle (150 yen) was surprisingly good, a little bit more denser than the others. Milk tea (140yen) is the current limited edition flavour, they smell really good. It was sweet and really taste like a cup of milk tea.

I also decided to try their cold soft waffle, they give us an ice pack cause they have to remain cold at all times. My favourite is their limited edition flavour, white peach (180yen). They smell so good and fresh, tasted smooth, thepieces peach hidden on the fluffy cream bring's sweetness and freshness to the waffle and definitely melt in your mouth moment.

The other flavours such as rare cheese (180yen), chocolat (160yen), custard (160yen) and vanilla (160yen) was not bad at all too. They have assorted package of 6 for 1000yen.

Manneken rotate their flavours and often have a limited editions flavours according to the seasons and I'm so disappointed cause I can't taste their matcha waffle. O well, maybe next time.

For those who want to take home the waffles, there are gift packs available at the stores. They contain individually sealed waffles that can be kept for up to a month. But in my opinion the fresh one taste so much better.

Why I decided to post this on Christmas day? As some of you have known, I grew up in a bakery later on become bakery and restaurant. Anything about baked goods reminded me of my family. Every time and anywhere in the world, I tasted something good, my first thought would be to share with my dad since he is a chef. Since I moved to Melbourne, I don't always get a chance to spend my Christmas with my family, back home in Jakarta. This year I get lucky and get a chance to spend my christmas in Bali with some of my family (I'll post about it next year). I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Monday-Sunday: 10am-9pm

Manneken (Japanese Only)
JR Osaka Station