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Krimper is way hidden in the alley of CBD. Love the mysterious and private vibe of it. The door is close, there are some Krimper signs but when I arrived, I'm not sure it is open. I just went it and wow it's big. Industrial un finish warehouse style but with some edgy rustic detailing. They have a dim romantic lighting, all the chairs and tables are recycled from lift doors and timber pieces that were obtain on the original site. 

At the back of the place there are long displays of their product, muffin, coffee beans etc. They sell mork hot chocolate, proud mary coffee beans and many more. There is one unique seats for four inside a container, it feels like seating in a box. 

I decide to order Mushroom and Truffle Risotto - selections of mushroom, carpaccio, manchego ($18). It was to die for, the risotto was cooked perfectly, generous mushrooms and the truffle enhanced the whole dish, what a great combinations. This is a dish usually cooked at an Italian fine dining restaurant, the different is they usually put the amazing, expensive shreds of truffle mushroom on top. But this Krimper version of risotto is a great way to ease away your cravings of mushroom and truffle risotto without spending too much.

The coffee was great, I think they use proud marry. Orange juice was fresh and have a good combinations of natural sweet and sour. Most of their staff was friendly and very helpful. Definitely will come back for more!

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Monday--Friday: 7am-5pm

03 9043 88 44
20 Guildford Ln
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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