Hochi Mama

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Hochi Mama owned by Thai Ho, Raymond Phan and Midawell Phal offering Vietnamese fusion cuisine. The restaurant is located besides the famous Rice Paper Scissors

It was chic, edgy, modern but hip with neon pink Hochi Mama sign decorating the wall. The space was limited, it was best for a group of 2-6. There is one communal table for 10 people and open bar where you can enjoy casual drinks while waiting for your table.

Disclaimer this post contains my two ventures to Hochi Mama, lunch and dinner. The reason for this is, first I came for lunch but they don't have the pho plings but oh well I decided to try their lunch menu. Their lunch special - choose one entree, one pho and comes with side or Vietnamese pho ($19.99). I ordered Soft shell Crab Ban Mi ($8ea), the soft shell crab was crispy, the seasonings was the perfect amount, dressed with chilli and the bun was soft.

I add Nem Noung - grilled pork skewers served with lettuce cups, pickled carrot and daikon, fresh herbs served with nouc cham ($10) to my entree. It was really tasty, punching sweet spices flavours, well cooked but very oily.

Beef Pho - topside beef, rice noodles, asian herbs, spring onions, onions, coriander with bean shoots, lemon wedge, Thai basil and fresh chilli on the side ($14). Honestly, I don't really like pho. It does not taste right on my tongue, I tried putting their spices and still for me it's pretty average and some of the beed are too tough to chew. The bright side is they served generous portions, guaranteed will fulfil your appetite.

When on to the second visit, I came back not far after the first visit but their oven broke down and unable to served the pho phlings so I left. Then come back again for dinner, a couple days after. Apparently they does not served pho at night and the menu focus changes to shared plates. Finally, Pho'plings - pho broth, braised ox tail & pork mince, Vietnamese mint, fresh chili and white onion ($11). After all the fuss, I had to do for this dish I was disappointed. It was so small and the broth was very salty.

Braised Beef Short Rib - slow cooked short ribs served with eggplant, nam jim dressing, cucumber, Thai basil and Vietnamese mint ($20). This dish surprised me, it was melt in your mouth moment. The beef was so tender, the sauces was just right, sweet and works well with the beef.

Pandan Creme Brulee ($9 each), it was delicious. The pandan really shine through, the custard was thick but a bit heavy for my taste. 

Thai-Chi (Hochi Mama Signature) - belvedere, malibu, lychee syrup, coconut juice served in a fresh coconut ($21), can be served as a mocktail ($10)

Overall, I love the vibe of the place but I had a mixed feeling about the food, there were a lot of hit and miss with the food.

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Monday-Thursday: 11am-3pm & 6pm-10.30pm
Friday: 11am-3pm & 6pm-11.30pm
Saturday: 12pm-3pm & 6pm-11.30pm
Sunday: Closed

Hochi Mama
11 Liverpool St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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