Eden's Backyard (Invited)

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Eden's Backyard just open merely 3 weeks ago by a four young man who has different backgrounds such as food & beverages, real estate, building industry and academic PHD but share the same love of food. They all love to eat around and finally decided they wish to inspire people with their own mixes of  Asian and Western food. Accompanied by Head Chef, Zickie with his experience in Malaysian, french, Mexican and Italian food, they have created an interesting flavours and menu presentations as well as well made coffee. Two of the owner also own the delicious noodle we all known at Kitchen Inn. Eden's Backyard is located at Nicholson St, easily accessible by tram no.96 and there are plenty of 2P car park around.

I was invited by Mag to Eden's Backyard. The place it self was spacious, perfect for a large group of people. I know it's been a hustle if you want to go brunch on a Saturday with 10 of your friends. Well, this is not a problem at Eden's Backyard. They are also open for any functions and events. The cafe is decorated with naked concrete, bricks, several long wooden communal table, high stool chair as well as table for 2, 4 and 6 with plants,flowers and wall art place strategically. This cafe is also kids friendly since it was spacious and they also provided kids menu. The amazing thing is they did many aspects of the renovation by them self.

Bob The Burger - 150gm Wagyu beef, bacon, tomato relish, American cheese, lettuce, caramelised onion, brioche ($21.5). My partner loves burger, so we often goes around and try various burger places. Eden's Backyard is not a specialise burger place but they served awesome burger. The brioche bun was soft, fluffy and tasty, the meat patty was juicy and well seasoned, tomato relish, cheese, caramelised onion and lettuce just work together perfectly with the rest of the burger components. The chips was crunchy as well as the dipping sauce was tasty. This dish is definitely temptations worthy!

Duck Quesadilla - roast duck fillet, caramelised onion, roasted pepper, mozzarella, tortilla ($21). I'm a fan of Mexican food, especially quesadilla. 3 years a go, I've spent 6 months in USA working with my aunt as well as travelling. My home based was in Los Angeles and there are plenty of Mexican food around, quesadilla is one of the food that I keep coming back for. Eden's Backyard version of quesadilla does not disappoint, the duck was tender mixed with cheesy mozzarella and warm tortilla, on top of it is fresh onion, tomato and corn salsa. I love it.

Kev's Secret French Toast - nutella, vanilla poached pear, blueberries, strawberries, caramel sauce, brioche ($19). The first thing I notice was how beautiful it was decorated as well as the generous portions. The brioche was warm, sweet, crunchy on the out side and moist on the inside accompanied by beautifully poached pear. Overall, the dish was sweet but not overly sweet.

Pancake Stack - mixed berry compote, honey mascarpone, green tea ice cream, maple syrup, oreo and peanut crumbs ($15). Just look at how beautiful it is, every ingredients was in the perfect position. This dish is Instagram worthy!

Their speciality dish is Abang Apam Crepe - Malaysian style crepe, mixed berries, green tea ice cream, nutella peanut topping, oreo, peanut and oats crumbs ($13). I know this dish inspire by Malaysian dish but in Indonesia we have similar crepes. This dish reminded of my childhood, they used to sell this kind of crepe in front of my school. I love the crepe is crunchy but not dried, the filling was tasty as well as the green tea ice cream. The nutella peanut toppings and  peanut oat crumbs add a little bit more crunchiness texture to the dish. Currently this scrumptious dish only available on weekends.

Green tea latte ($4.5). They used organic matcha maiden powder and the result was was decent, most importantly not grainy. They used filter, to filtered out the grain and they

As usual, I have to try their Coffee ($3.7). Honestly, they serve pretty decent cup of coffee, the milk was smooth and fluffy, the coffee it self taste good. Eden's Temptation - apple, pineapple, spinach, cucumber, lemon, banana, coconut water, mint  ($7.5). I don't usually like banana or any vegetables on my juices but they make it so well, thin and the banana flavour was really subtle.

On the weekend they also served Steamed layer cake, that I'm anxious to try next time I visit Eden's Backyard. I also saw some pictures of their Baked eggs and Shepherds lover, both of the dishes looks delicious. Their service is impeccably friendly and attentive. All of them make time and have a conversation with me, it was a warm and fun environment. I spent over 2 hours at Eden's Backyard and was not in a hurry to leave. Eden's Backyard really cares about the taste of their food not only focus on appearances like some places these days. This cafe is a product of a four young man making their dream come true and it clearly shown. In conclusion, if not obvious. I love it.

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 7.30am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8.30-4pm

Eden's Backyard
161/163 Nicholson St
Carlton, VIC 3053