Doughnut Time

Wednesday, December 09, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Doughnut Time is specialise in hand-dipped doughnuts owned by Damian Griffith. They have multiple store in multiple locations in Australia, started in Brisbane then Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Currently, they are popping up at Top Shop Emporium and Chapel st. Later on, they will open a permanent store next year at Brunswick St, Fitzroy and Degraves St, CBD. 

Doughnut is currently in trend after cupcakes than followed by macaroons. Creatively design doughnut are the perfect addition to the doughnut store we have in Melbourne. The doughnuts are $6 each, yes it's a little bit pricey but that's the price to pay for a handmade doughnut. They have the iconic van set up in the middle of Top Shop.

Ya Bacon Me Crazy - maple glaze with candied bacon. This flavour is one of my favourite, the candied bacon perfectly balanced the sweetness of the doughnut.

Head in The Clouds - strawberries and cream glaze with a cloud on top. This doughnut certainly look cute and girly, they smell sweet and taste really sweet too.

Melon Degeneres - watermelon and sour green glaze, chocettes and sherbet. One of the most eye catching doughnuts at Doughnut Time and they taste good too. The watermelon flavour was sweet, fruity and balanced with the sour green glaze. 

Slim Shady - vanilla glaze with mini M&M's is another one of their photogenic doughnuts. It was too sweet in combined for my taste.

The Cate Blanchett - white, dark and milk chocolate glaze, tim tams and white chocolate curls. This is the perfect doughnut for the chocolate lovers.

Mint to Be - Chocolate and mint glaze with crushed mint Aero. Mint and chocolate are one of the classic successful combinations and once again they delivered.

There are also several other flavours at their pop up store; The Butternut - burnt butter glaze with crushed pistachios, Veruca Salt - salted caramel-filled and dusted with cinnamon sugar,Love at First Sight - nutella-fillet with cinnamon sugar,The O. G - original glaze doughnut,Creme de la Creme - creme brulee custard-filled and topped with toffee.

Overall, all the doughnut dough was fluffy and soft. The only thing they did not have in their pop up stall are their milkshakes, I'm looking forward to taste them next year.

Monday-Sunday: 8am-late

Doughnut Time
Ig: doughnut_time
Top Shop Emporium
287 Londsdale St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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