Chillbro Paletas

Sunday, December 27, 2015 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Chillbro Paletas was named after paletas is a Mexican ice cream on a stick. Pale means stick and etas means flat frozen items. Chillbro Paletas aims to bring Mexican flavour as well as modern flavour served in the traditional Mexican moulds.

The paletas are $5 and the dipping with unlimited toppings are $1.5 which are pretty reasonable to me. After picking your paletas flavour you will be given an option of half or full dipping chocolate with as many toppings you would like. I ask the staff for the popular flavour and he says Pistachio so I decided to try that with half dipping dark chocolate with honeycomb. I love the pistachio flavour and I think it taste better without the toppings.

Crunchy donut is one of my favourite flavour at Chillbro Paletas. It was sweet, rich and the crunchy part makes it even more enjoyable.

Dulce de Leche, Cheesecake and Strawberry & condensed milk also some of the other flavours I have tried. Dulce de leche was sweet and sticky, Cheesecake was salty with some crunchy part on the bottom but it does not taste like cheesecake for me. Strawberry was fresh but I don't really like the sticky condensed milk inside.

Summer is here and like what they say on their website "Chillbro have some paletas!"

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Monday-Thursday & Sunday: 12pm-9pm

Chillbro Paletas
319-360 Elizabeth St
Menzies Alley, Melbourne Central
VIC, 3000

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