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Wednesday, December 30, 2015 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

I pass by Bagel & Bagel when I'm strolling around Rinku Premium Outlet, I went in for an afternoon coffee but intrigued by all the unique flavours of bagel they served.

Bagel & Bagel served variety unique and seasonal flavours such as cranberry, soy milk & edamame, chocolate & mint,  green tea & white chocolate and more. They also have unique variety of cream cheese such as rum raisins & nuts, mentaiko, cranberry & white chocolate and more.

The texture of their bagel is most, sticky and have a soft finish. I really like their textures, it's enjoyable to chew and have a nice warm feeling in your mouth. I decided to try their green tea & white chocolate (170yen) and it was delicious, the bitterness from green tea mixed with sweetness from the white chocolate just worked so well.

Cranberry bagel (140yen) have a bit sweet and sour taste to it which was refreshing and lighten the dish up. Perfect for the summer.

Chocolate & mint (190yen) has been a classic mixed of flavours for a long time and it succeeded once again. The chocolate chip on the mint based bagel taste goo but I wish there put a little bit more of the chocolate chip.

Chocolate bagel was rich and I think they used dark chocolate which I love. Soy milk & edamame bagel (170yen) are a little bit weird for me, it's salty and tasty but not my favourite.

They also have assorted muffins, bagel with variety of fillings such as BLT, Spanish omelette and many more. For summer specials they have ice cream sandwich and I can tell they are really popular.

The cafe was spacious, cozy and warm. I ordered one hot caffe latte and one cold caffe latte but comes out pretty good. The milk was fluffy, smooth and mixed perfectly with the coffee.

Overall, It was a pleasant experience. I didn't expect much at first but it surprised me and this is the first time I taste different kind of unique flavours on bagels, turn's out I enjoyed it.

Monday-Sunday: 10am-8pm

Bagel & Bagel (Japanese and some sections in English)
Rinku Premium Outlet
3-28, Rinku Ourai Minami,
Izumisano-Shi, Osaka, Japan

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