The Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Monday, November 02, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna is an east coast inspired burger and bar diner. The interior and concept was creatively design by Joshua Lefers, he successfully created trailer park wonderland. The unique menu and dining experience created by Dani Zeini.

I love a restaurant that goes all out in term of concept, interior design and menu. Grand Trailer Park tick all the boxes, from the very first step inside with the blue light on the stairs, it was magical. It is indeed one of the most exciting burger bar in Melbourne. They also have a semi outdoor balcony which will be crowded as soon as Melbourne temperature rises.

I ordered the Atomic - Beef, cheese, caramalised onion, kransky, bacon, BBQ & Mayo sauce ($16.5). Great burger for a meat lovers but a bit blend, it needed more spices or sauces. The meat patty it self was super juicy. They provided various sauces on the each table for extra flavouring to your liking and wet tissues to wash up after the meal.

The second burger was Francis Underwood - Beef, cheese, tomato, lettuce, mac & cheese croquette, "special sauce" and mustard ($16). This is my favourite! I love creamy and rich flavours and this is definitely the burger for me. It has the richest cheesy pasta dish deep fried and mixed into a burger. This burger is not for everybody, if you prefer for lighter taste, this is not for you. Even for me after half a burger, It would be nice to add some relish to the burger to refresh the flavours up.  

Their chips was better than your standard prices, it was super crunchy. All you need to do is add a little salt and pepper with tomato sauces and tabasco to the chips.

They have various unique milkshakes and there is also an options of creatively made milkshakes, as well as variety of classic diner dessert with a twist. The staff was really friendly, helpful and knowledgable about their products 

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 11.30am- Late

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna
03 9972 3699
87 Bourke st
Melbourne, VIC 3000