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Sweetfest is the perfect event for a sweet tooth like me, basically the event celebrates anything baked, fried, whipped, iced and many more sugary goodness. It happens over 2 days with 2 sessions per day, make the total of 4 sessions. There are also 6 Masterclass per day with a total of 9 talented and creative professionals such as the king of degustation desserts Pierre Roeloef, flying in from New York Bryan Petroff from Big Gay Ice Cream, Shaun Quade from Lume.

When I heard about this event, I went straight to their website and pre purchased the tickets for Saturday, session 2. Sweetfest was held on October and most of the sessions was sold out prior the day so I want to be safe and pre purchased them.

Sweetfest was not as crowded as Night Noodle Markets , there was no major line for particular stall. There was plenty of room to seat and enjoy your dessert. This make them even more enjoyable cause you can stroll around, enjoy your surrounding without being in a hurry. I went in on 2pm and well my eyes went crazy cause I don't know which stall should I go first. The first thing I saw was the Books for Cooks stall which sell all the amazing old and new books about food.

Then I went for the stall that was closest to me which is Bang Bang, they are famous for Korean filled donuts. The donut texture was very dense and thick, it's different than any other donut I have tasted.

The second stall was Oregano Scrolls, I met Jorja Brown creator of MelbournePopUps who was substituting for the guys from Oregano Scrolls. She was so friendly, we have a small chat and then she allowed me to the back of the stall to take pictures of the delicious scrolls. Oregano Scrolls was originally based in Sydney but slowly they are starting to invade Melbourne with their gorgeously made scrolls. They are currently doing pop ups and markets such as hank marvin markets, prahran market and more. Stay tuned on their Instagram page @oreganoscrollsmelbourne.

Phillipa's owned 5 bakery around Melbourne and they pride them self for using natural ingredients. They are also famous for using family recipes. I love their Minced Pies and Caramel Butter Brandy ($4), it was the perfect mixed of savoury and sweet.

Black Star Pastry brings it's famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake to Sweetfest and other goodies as well. They sell super delicious Apple & Blackberry Gallete - homemade flaky pastry with fresh berries, caramelised apricots and lavender ($8). It was crunchy on the out side, moist, fruity and sweet. I can't help to try their pastry tacos $10 for 3 pieces of lemon merengue, chilli chocolate and matcha mellow. All of them have super crunchy pastry with punching flavours, there is no surprise my favourite was their matcha mellow. I also got a chance to take a photo and a small chat with Chris The, the man behind all Black Star Pastry goodness.

Bibelot is a popular dessert boutique by Chez Dré. They bring various tempting cakes but don't worry they also served dessert platter which are perfect for indecisive mind like me. I love that Bibelot made a poster explaining every layer of their cake, it's educating as well as make it even easier for the audience to understand the ingredients.

Naughty Boy is famous for they freakshakes and Sweetfest wouldn't be complete without this trending shakes. Naughty Boy made a special freakshakes for Sweetfest, it's even bigger freakshakes than the one they served at the cafe. 

St Gerry's is a fresh, modern spin on traditional desserts. Currently they are popping up all around Melbourne such as markets, events and street festivals. They are focusing fudge puppies (waffle on stick) and Greek donuts. I tried their Greek donut with hazelnut chocolate and crush biscuits and it was crispy on the outside but moist and warm on the inside with the topping that we all love hazelnut chocolate and crunchy crush biscuits.

Ganache chocolate brings chocolate heaven to Sweetfest. They have various chocolate flavour with different packaging. What I excite me was their christmas collections. Christmas is one of my favourite holiday and anything about christmas always makes me smile.

Little Betha is Melbourne cake maker and they accept order from coffee houses, restaurants and event. I have notice their Pistachio & Raspberry cake every where and yes they are pretty popular. They bring various cupcakes to Sweetfest and they make it so hard to choose. Chocolate & Zucchini cake is one of their new unique creations, together with Fig & Ginger cake.

Shortstop Coffee & Donut is one of the most popular donut shop in Melbourne. When I arrived at Shortstop stall at Sweetfest, owner Anthony Ivey (ex Market Lane) was busy explaining to the other customers regarding their donut flavours, clearly he was really passionate about his products. He and Sinye Ooi clearly has done a great job creating innovative and delicious donuts. At their stall, they served 4 delicious flavours but the most popular flavour of the day was Matcha, Yuzu & Lime. Their Red Velvet donut is coloured with beetroot rather than food dye and it taste just as good. Previously, I have tried Maple Walnut & Brown Butter, it is something that I would definitely buy again.

Maker & Monger is famous for their grilled cheese and I'm a fan of Anthony Femia dishes since he opened his stall at Prahran Market. He used to worked at Spring Street Grocer than decided to go solo and create his own stall. Maker & Monger will be featured on one of my coming blog post on Prahran Market so stay tuned. His Flaming Reuben with Robins Island Wagyu Pastrami and homemade Russian dressing was as good as expected. It's a little bit sour but cheesy and melty.

Sweet Forbidden Journey brings their vibrant food truck to Sweetfest. They sell Baklava, Banana Split, Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich, Chinita's desserts in a jar and many more.

Messina x Big Gay Ice Cream is one of the most popular stall, they sell Mini Magic Mushroom, Fairy Bread Pops and Ice Cream Floats. By the time I get there, the mini magic mushroom has sold out. I can't only imagine how cute they are. As some of you may notice from my Instagram that I got the regular size Magic Mushroom for my birthday and it taste delicious. I decided to buy the famous Fairy Bread Pops by Big Gay Ice cream, it was colourful, fun ad sweet.

LuxBite is one of my favourite cake shop around. They are so innovate and creative. Bernard Chu, the creative mind behind LuxBite was present at the stall. I was lucky enough to have a small chat regarding his christmas products which I had pre ordered and will be ready to be pick up next week. Stay tune on my LuxBite & T by LuxBite blog post for the updates.

They are other stall such as Gelato Tino serving Bronter Bun with ice cream, Raw Trader serving numerous cake, N2 serving cake smash, Black Pearl with it's famous cocktails and Redbank serving a glass of free Emily Brut Cuvee. There is also fllower stand by Flower Trader.

Sweetfest Masterclasses is the perfect way for home baker or start up baker to learn new techniques and earn new knowledge. This is the chance to ask question,take notes and meet some of the famous people we all known from Instagram, Magazined and TV. There are limited seats available in front of the Masterclass podium but there are plenty of space to stand and watch.

I was aiming for the Instagram famous cake queen Katherine Sabbath. She fly down from Sydney to demonstrate her watercolour cake icing tricks and make her geometrically perfect pastel coloured tall cake that often showed up at your Instagram feed. She was so funny, humble, honest, perfectionist, experienced and clearly passionate about home baking.  

The next up was Philippa Sibley, I had the chance to try one of her desserts at The Broadsheet Restaurant. It was rich, sweet and soft. 

Overall, it was a good experience but I expected it to be something bigger or it might be something even bigger next year and includes more baked goodness such as Doughboys Doughnuts, Adriano Zumbo and Burch & Purchese

November 28-29
Session 1: 9am-1pm 
Session 2: 2pm-6pm
Entry: $20 including Masterclasses
Kids under 12 free entry.
Wheelchair accessible 

Meat Market
3 Blackwood St
North Melbourne, VIC 3051