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Sadaharu Aoki is a well known Japanese Patissier and his journey of greatness began after graduated from Machida cooking school in Tokyo, working at Jean Millet's and Pierre Couderac's restaurants in paris and later on at three Michelin star chef, Fredy Giradet's restaurant in Switzerland. In 1991, he finally ready and opened his first shop in Paris and since then he open a couple more shops in Paris. He decided in 2005 to open his first boutique in Marunouchi, Tokyo and since then he opened a couple more in Tokyo as well as in Taipei.

I have visited Sadaharu Aoki numerous times in Paris and it has always been a pleasant experience. This post is based on my recent visits to multiple store of Sadaharu Aoki Tokyo.

My first visit is to Shibuya Hikari ShinQ, ever since it's open in 2012, Sadahru Aoki's Tokyo Yaki Macaron Chocolat has been the most popular dessert. Like everything popular and delicious in Japan, there was a long lines awaits since this items only available at this branch. Tokyo Yaki Macaron Chocolat (381yen) is basically matcha cake fill in with chocolate macaron or chocolate cake fill in with matcha macaron. They made it fresh every day and there is a glass window so you can watch how they make it.

My second visit is to the original store at Marunouchi. They have a small seating area and served numerous matcha drinks, coffee and tea. The store it self is bright, charming, modern, very well organised and decorated.

Bamboo - green tea powder, creme green tea, ganache, joconde biscuit. This is the most famous and probably the most popular Sadaharu Aoiki cake. It'a twist of the classic French Opera cake. The taste certainly not disappoint.

Saya - creme pistache, biscuit noisette, joconde biscuit, creme strawberry (730yen). Saya is on of my favourite cake at Sadaharu aoki. The strawberry was naturally sweet and it blended perfectly with every layer of the cake.

Matcha green tea eclair (460yen) has the same rich, thick matcha flavours as the matcha millefeuille. The pastry was surprisingly crispy

Sesame eclair (460yen) has the same pastry consistency as matcha eclair. I'm not a fan of the super sweet sesame glaze on top but the filling was nice.

Matcha croissant (370yen) is another famous product of Sadaharu Aoki and usually it sold out a couple hours after the store open. Sadly, sometimes the green tea dried out the inside of the croissant.

Canele Matcha (380yen) is one of my favourite product of Sadaharu Aoki. It was filled with thick, rich matcha filling. It has a soft and warm inside, the outside has a dark greenish caramelized crust.

Pain au matcha (480yen) is another one of my favourite. It was sweet but not overly sweet, soft brioche bun, sweet red bean and green tea. 

Bonbon Maquillage (makeup chocolates) is another famous product of Sadaharu Aoki, they certainly look really pretty and polish. They 18 different flavours and some of the most popular flavour is green tea, wasabi, yuzu and valencia orange.

They also have plenty flavours of macarons and they are pretty consistent with flavours and textures. Another great news they served Degustation set (1600yen) basically consist of various small cakes of their most popular cakes, a perfect solution if you are tempted by their numerous beautiful cakes.

I decided to dine in and eat some of the cake I purchased. As a matcha fans I'm always tempted to order Green tea latte everywhere I go especially in Japan. Their green tea latte is small but taste really good.

At the end of my visits, the staff gave me one Chocoron for free which I'm thrilled. Chocoron is a chocolate covered macarons. Sadaharu Aoki Chocoron has 6 flavours - matcha, chocolat, cafe, citron, framboise, cassis. I got cafe and I'm loving it.

Sadaharu Aoki is incredibly creative, talented and innovative chef. I'm honestly in awe of all the amazing things he has created. Sadaharu Aoki is a must to visit either in Tokyo or Paris.

Score: đŸ’ đŸ’ đŸ’‹đŸ’đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹

Sadaharu Aoiki
Marunouchi shop
3-4-1 Shinkokusai BLD RDC Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku. Tokyo
Nearest station : Yurakucho station (JR lines/Tokyo Subway
Monday-Sunday: 11am-8pm

Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs B2F
2-21-1 Shibuya. Shibuya-ku. Tokyo
Monday-Sunday: 10am-9pm