Little Tommy Tucker

Sunday, November 01, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I went here on a Tuesday lunch time and it was a busy lunch hour and people come and go pretty quick. Some of them take away their lunch as well. The place it self able to accommodate large group number of people. Love the vibe, it seems cozy,warm and welcoming. I think the glass door is in trend, I have seen that same same glass door everywhere these days.

They have various savoury and sweet snacks displayed on their pantry as well as sandwiches and bund for quick lunch.

We ordered the egg benedict - smoked Otway pork neck, poached eggs, sourdough toast & hollandaise sauce ($18). Crunchy bread with very soft and creamy hollandaise sauces, the egg inside wasn't that runny but still okay, the pork it self was tasty and does not smell like pork.

Grilled calamari salad, snow pea tendrils, shallots, parmesan, Israeli couscous & crunchy lentils ($16). The calamari it self was blend, chewy and easy to bite, the rice cracker was fun and tasty, the salad dressings was light but refreshing. 

Pasta of the day was mushroom and spinach pasta. This is the best dish of the day. The pasta was soft and perfectly cooked. The sauces tasted really good, refreshing not too thick but still have a lot of flavours. I can really taste the mushrooms on every bite I take. The spinach also make a perfect combination to the pasta, it gives a refreshing end to it, as well as the fresh lemon juices.

The lamb burger overall was good. The bun was fluffy and soft, the meat it self does not smell like lamb and taste good but I don't taste the tzatziki ini there which I really wanna feel that unique Greek sauce. The potato was crunchy and tasty.

Their tea set was quite cute and unique, each tea set served with sand glass timer for tea making. The coffee was pretty good too. Most of their staff was friendly and helpful. 

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
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Little Tommy Tucker
03 9576 5174
432 Centre Rd
Bentleigh, VIC 3204