Little Cupcakes

Thursday, November 12, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Little cup cakes is a Melbourne based cup cakes store. It's hand crafted and freshly baked everyday with using fresh and natural ingredients since 2007. They are famous for their mini size cup cakes but they also have the regular size cup cakes.

They have currently seventeen flavours of delicious cupcakes. One of the best cupcakes in pistachio flavours and carrot cake! Both of them taste so good and I can really taste the pistachio and the carrot on both of the cup cakes. 

The classic red velvet and black velvet are their popular flavours and they are popular for a reasons, not only the appearance but the flavours lift up to it.

My absolute favourite is the salted caramel - moist chocolate cake with salted caramel butter cream. It was perfectly balanced flavour and not too sweet.

Dark horse coffee is one of my favourite flavours since I love coffee so much. My little brother loves the tiny teddy - moist chocolate cake with chocolate frostings as well as the peanut butter cookies crumbs - moist chocolate cake with peanut butter frostings.

They have four cup cakes flavours for vegan dietary such as the most popular black velvet and one delicious chocolate brownies. They also have two gluten free cupcakes flavours such as blueberry pistachio.

Little cupcake also accept orders for wedding cakes, maxi (regular size) cakes, custom branding cup cakes for corporate events or private events such as birthday or baby showers. They also have an online shop and a delivery service.

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Monday-Sunday: 8am- 5.30pm

Little Cupcakes
03 9077 0413
7 Degraves st
Melbourne,VIC 3000