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Thursday, November 26, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Have you ever wish you could make your own Kit Kat flavour? Your wishes has come true! Nestle has bring their Kit Kat Studio to Melbourne in honour of Kit Kat's 80 birthday. 

Kit Kat Studio first opened in Sydney on 4th of August for 5 weeks. It was a huge success with over 25,000 Kit Kat sold. The good news is the Melbourne version is bigger, better and longer, it will run for 8 weeks until the 17th of January.


I went to the Kit Kat Studio on its opening day, 24th of November at 12pm. Anna Polyviou was there to open the store, she was friendly and gladly giving out free Kit Kat (caramel duo, dark and milk).  Anna Polyviou also called "The Punk Princess of Pastry" is the Executive Pastry Chef at Sydney's Shangri-La Hotel created 2 Melbourne inspired Kit Kat flavours. Anna is also famous for her award-winning carrot cake and recently featured on Masterchef.

Anna Polyviou Kit Kat creations is colourful, vibrant and clearly creative. Just looking at the beautiful pieces makes me smile and the flavour is like an explosion of mixed flavour in your mouth.

Kit Kat Studio is all about giving people the opportunity to get creative and make their own custom-made Kit Kat flavours. In the store there are 4 iPads where you can start designing your dream Kit Kat flavours. The first step was choosing from dark, milk or white chocolate. Then choose 3 out of 17 premium ingredients such as coconut macarons, fragrant pink rose petals, caramelised popcorn, chewy salted caramel, raspberry pieces and many more. The last step was choosing the cover of your packaging, you can put your name on it, make a title for your creations and there are various cover you can choose from. After all day, you can stay in the store for a while and watch how the Kit Kat is made over the window then go to the cashier and paid. After being paid then they start to make your creation, it will take 3-4 hours. They will send you a text message when it's ready.

Each person is entitled to make two flavours max, I decided to make white chocolate, fragrant pink rose petals, dried raspberry pieces and crumbled coconut macaroons  for Lips Temptations "Melt in Your Mouth" box. Sharon Halim's One of a Kind box - Dark chocolate, caramelised popcorn, pretzel, golden honeycomb shards. Basically, I can switch the box since both are mine.

Besides Anna Polyviou's special flavour, there are also other pre made special flavours. I happily bought all the flavour I can find on the store. 

Raspberry, Rose & Hibiscus was so pretty. The raspberry, rose and hibiscus decorated the white chocolate perfectly. As the flavour they are sweet, fruity and flowery.

Reimagined Traditional Australian Lamington. This is a classic Australian flavour which I applaud them for making it for Melbournian.

 Butterscotch Fudge, Pretzel & Pecan. This is my favourite out of the three. Dark chocolate with butterscotch fudge, crunchy salty pretzel and pecan just perfect!

Their 3 special flavour will change every week so stay tuned and keep popping up at their store to get the weekly flavour. 

This is their second week flavour; Japanese Maccha & Kikusui Leaves. Green tea flavour is definitely in trend and Kit Kat green tea is one of the most popular flavour in Japan so bringing this flavour here was just perfect!

Flavours of Melbourne, this flavour was created for the winner of Kit Kat Flavour competitions. It was inspired by the unpredictable weather of Melbourne as well as our unique alley.

Spiced Puddings perfect for the Christmas mood and it is a perfect presents for someone who loves the festivity.

The third week flavour was Rich Espresso Cookie & Roasted Hazelnut. I love coffee, I love chocolate and I love hazelnut so it's obvious I love this.

Cranberry, Pistachio and Coconut Macaroon. If you are into white chocolate with a little bit of sourness from cranberry and crunchiness of coconut macaroon than this is perfect for you.

Orange, Ginger & Walnut. I didn't expect this flavour to be so delicious, it's dark chocolate with a lil bit of zesty orange and subtle ginger.

Taro & Black Sesame - when I saw this online, I know I have to buy it. It was unique, sweet but I was hoping a little bit more black sesame flavour in it.

Almond Cookies - my husband like this so much, he got the first taste when they are giving some samples in the store and fell in love with it. It was sweet with a touch of almond taste.

Cost: Special Editions (4 fingers) - $6
Create Your Break (8 fingers) - $14
Special Editions Gift Box (4 pack) - $30
Special Editions Gift Box (8 pack) - $60
Dark Miniatures 18 piece Gift Box - $15
Milk Miniatures 18 piece Gift Box - $15
Original 4 finger 10 piece Gift Box - $25

After 4 hours finally they texted me and I quickly get back to Kit Kat Studio. The packaging came out great and my Kit Kat was so pretty and definitely looks like gourmet Kit Kat. Kit Kat Studio is taking Kit Kat to the next level.

I have been to Japan several times and each time, I go crazy hunting every Kit Kat flavour I can found. There will be post regarding every Kit Kat flavour I have found and Kit Kat Chocolatory - Japan soon. Stay tuned!

Monday-Wednesday: 10am-7pm
Thursday-Friday: 10am-9pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

Kit Kat Studio
Ground floor, Melbourne Central
211 La Trobe St
Melbourne, VIC 3000