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It was on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, just after my brunch date with best friend at La Miel et La Lune. I saw this little charming restaurant across Lincoln Square, I ask my friend "Do you know what cafe it is?". She has no idea. So I decide to walk pass by to catch a glimpse of their name but there is no name in front, I only catch a glimpse of the name from the right wall inside the cafe, it's called Kaprica. That's when my obsession began, google is number one on my list. Apparently it has a good review as well. Then it is set, I decided to pay a visit to Kaprica the very next day.

I arrived on 6pm Wednesday and immediately sat down in front of the pizza making station for the front row entertainment. My friends haven't arrived at that point of time so I decided to use the time to take pictures of the place since it was quiet as well. And before I knew it, I was confronted by a man behind the pizza counter that I shouldn't take a picture without permission. Then I apologise and ask him for the permission, he granted the permission and ask me "Are you a food blogger?" I nod. Turns out the man behind the counter is the owner. Pietro who makes all the pizzas everyday started talking on his inspirations he drew from the street food in Italy and he also wants his place to be simple, homey but classic place for people to enjoy good Italian food. The interior of Kaprica match Pietro vision, it was rustic, laid back, cozy and able to accommodate large group number of people. Even the menu it self is scribbled on a single piece of paper, minimalistic but personalised and adequate.

When my friend arrived we decided to start with Prawns ($16) - New Zealand, Chili, Garlic. The prawn was beautifully cooked, fresh and delicious. It comes with bread and I mopped up the tasty oil mixed with garlic and chilli.

Fettuccine - clams, garlic and chilli ($22). This taste just like the prawn but too much oil on the pasta for my taste. They could up the notch on their flavouring as well. All the pasta are made in the restaurant daily.

Gnocchi - tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella ($22). Fluffy little pillows that were cooked just spot on. This gnocchi have a melt in your moment balanced with fresh light tomato sauces and chewy mozzarella. I'm a meat eater and I don't usually found a dish without meat delicious but this one is an exception.

Salmone - tomato, mascarpone, red onion, salmon, fish roe ($15/$20). This one is my favourite, the whole thing are so delicious. It's like all the ingredients are meant to be eaten together.

Tiramisu ($10). It was good, nice amount of coffee, smooth creamy mascarpone. I definitely would come back for more.

Another dessert I like was Ricotta and Strawberry tarts ($6). Ricotta and strawberry is a classic mixture and we all know it mixed well together. I love it. Overall it was a great dinner. The tomato base on the pizza was great, crisp crust and base. All the pizzas are baked in woodfire pizzas and you will be able to watch how they make it, if you are lucky enough to be seated near the pizza stations.

Kaprica is simple, traditional, honest and it's good to have a place like this in the midst of trending overly innovative and creative dish nowadays for a change. The menu at Kaprica changes depending on what's in season. Their price is much cheaper compared to DOC's or +39. Also they have a great locations, near Melbourne University and Swanston st. On day time you can seat in front of the restaurant and enjoy Lincoln Park view.

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
Kaprica Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Monday-Sunday: 10am-10pm

19 Lincoln Square South
Carlton, Melbourne
VIC 3053

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