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Gogyo ramen is run by the "Chikara-no-minamoto" group, the same group that manages the famous ramen chain "Ippudo". Ippudo have many branches in Japan and internationally such as NY, Singapore and Hong Kong but Gogyo means five lines and there are only five Gogyo restaurants in Japan. One in Kyoto , three in Toky and the other one is in Fukuoka. In reference to the name, the number of Gogyo restaurant might not be increasing anymore.

Kyoto Gogyo ramen restaurant was once the former home of a Kyoto geisha name Oyuki. The famous and obviously beautiful 21 years old geisha met the nephew of the wealthy American banker JP Morgan. George Morgan fell heads over heels by Oyuki and proposed to her multiple times over two years and rejected each time. Jokingly, she told Morgan she would marry hi if he gave her 40,000 yen and he delivered. Oyuki gave the money to her love, a young Kyoto university student name Kawamura and left Kyoto to marry Morgan or some says the 40,000 yen is used to buy her out from her geisha establishment. After her husband death, she returned to Kyoto and lived here in this house with her sister. There are many different versions of books, musicals, movies of this story but Oyuki her self refused to talk to any magazines and authors.

Gogyo ramen is focused on burnt kogashi ramen. Burnt ramen? Yes, they served miso and soy based broth cooked in 300 degrees lard. The soup is heated in a wok, igniting orange flames in kitchen which is very theatrical and fun to watch. I order both of the ramen and it takes more than 30 minutes until it arrived on our table.

During the wait, they served us complimentary chicken and vegetables braised in soy sauce, they taste pretty good since I'm really hungry.

The Kogashi Miso ramen (880yen) arrived with a layer of black oil on top, specks of char with smokey aroma. My first spoonful it was very rich, full flavoured, heavy with unique charcoal taste. I love it so much. If you love super rich soup broth, this is the perfect place for it.

Kogashi Shoyu ramen (880 yen) was lighter but saltier and felt more refreshing even though it is still rich. I recommended this for people who prefer lighter taste ramen. 

Disclaimer, not everyone like such a heavy taste ramen. They also serve standard flavours ramen such as shoyu, tsukemen and shio.

The restaurant it self was elegant and cozy with dim lighting, dark wooden furniture and bamboo. Come early or prepare to wait, I arrived around 6.30 pm and I have to wait over an hour to get seated. The line did not seem that long but because it was a sit down restaurant (not common for ramen shops in Japan) and it takes time to eat the ramen.

Overall, I really really really like the burnt miso ramen, even though I could not eat this in a high quantity due to the richness of the soup. I would definitely come back for more.

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
Monday-Friday: 11.30-3pm & 6pm-12am
Saturday: 11.30am-4pm & 5pm-12am
Sunday: 11.30am-4pm & 5pm-11pm

Kyoto Gogyo
452 Jumonji-cho, Yanaginobamba nishiki agaru
Takoyakushi-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Tel: +81752545567
5 mins walk from Nishiki Market

Tokyo Gogyo
Rojiman Nichi-Azabu Building 1F
1-4-36 Nishi-Azabu
Minato-ku, Tokyo (Roppongi Station)
Monday-Friday: 11.30-3pm & 6pm-12am
Saturday: 11.30am-4pm & 5pm-12am
Sunday: 11.30am-4pm & 5pm-11pm