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I always wanted to go to Fuji Q Highland, after hearing about it from some friends of mine a couple years a go. I make 2 trips to Japan before I finally got a chance to visit the awesome theme park. Both prior trips are family trips so my hands are tied.

This theme park is famous for four extreme roller coaster and each of them got their names into the Guinness Book of Records but of course there are other less challenging rides which are suitable for families and kids.

How to get there: 
Fuji Q Highland
https://www.fujiq.jp/sp/en/ (Japanese & English)
5-6-1 Shin-Nishihaea. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefectire 403-0017 Japan

By Highway Bus from Tokyo: 
Reservations are required for the Highway Buses. 
Fujikyu highway bus reservation center: 0555-73-8181
Keio highway bus reservations center: 03 5376 2222
From Shinjuku's west exit highway bus terminal, board the highway bus headed for Kawaguchiko or Yamanakako and get down at Kawaguchiko Station

Shinjuku station (west exit) - take chuo highway bus fujigoko line (approx 100min). 

Tokyo Station (Yaesu Exit) - take tomei highway bus (approx 150 min).

Yokohama Station (west exit) - take tomei highway bus (approx 150min).

By Train from Tokyo: From Shinjuku take JR chuo line, change at Otsuki station to Fujikyu Railway

By Car:

Take shuto expressway #4 - then chuo expressway to Kawaguchiko I.C. via Otsuki JCT (approx 50 min). After Kawaguchiko I.C. to Fuji Q Highland

Take shuto expressway #3 to Gotenba I.C. via tomei expressway (approx 60 min). Then take expressway No. 138 (approx 15 min) to Subashiri I.C. (approx 3 min) and change to Higashifujigoko to Fujiyoshida I.C. (approx 15 min).

From Osaka & Kyoto: 
The bus departs from Abenvashi station (JR Tenno area) and arrives at Meishin ibaraki, takatsuki and hachijo exit of Kyoto station.

Main JR stations: 
Take JR Tokaido shinkansen to shin-fuji station. Then take Fujikyu bus to Fuji Q Highland station (approx 120min)
Take JR Gotenba kine to gotenba station. Take Fujikyu bus to kawaguchiko station (approx 120min)
Take JR Chuo main line to Kofu station. Then take Fujikyu bus to Fujisan Station (approx 120min)
Take JR Tokaido shinkansen to JR Mishima station. Then take Fujikyu bus to kawaguchiko station  (approx 120 min)

There are a lot of people choose to say around Kawaguchiko during the stay, minimise the cost cause Highland Resort was quite pricey even though for efficiency, service, free perks - I think it's worth it for one or two nights.

From Kawaguchiko:
Take Fujikyu train line from Kawaguchiko station to Fujikyu Highland station (1stop)
Retro bus (red line) from Kawaguchiko station to the Highland Resort bus stop.

Where to stay:
Highland Resort Hotel is just located beside the theme park. The perk of staying here is each guest is given free entry to the park for the duration of your stay. They also give you discounts for the "all ride" tickets (4000yen) to Fuji Q Highland theme parks. Not only that, they also give you free entry their Fujiyama onsen facilities  which you can use at the end of the day after all the extreme fun you had at the theme park. 

The onsen it self are spacious, have an indoor and outdoor pool, clean, lockers available for free, toiletries provided, divided between men and women. They also offer massage, body scrub service (extra payment). They have traditional Japanese restaurant on the second floor as well as relaxing room which contain an individual reclining seats with individual mini TV attach to the chair. For more info go to: http://www.fujiyamaonsen.jp

Photo credit: Fuji Q Highland Website
For a museum fan they also give free entry of the Fujiyama Museum, they features numerous variety of Mt Fuji paintings.

The hotel it self have multiple restaurants and the room was clean, tidy and have two view options (Mt Fuji or Fuji Q). Their service was incredibly friendly and helpful during our stay.

Highland Resort Hotel also offer " The Thomas Room", "Lisa & Gaspard Room" for family with kids to enhances the whole experience. They also have traditional Japanese room as an options.

Photo credit: Fuji Q Highland Website

Photo credit: Fuji Q Highland Website

Regular visitors can buy a basic admission ticket (1400yen) which only includes the park entranced and none of the rides. You can buy separate selective tickets inside the park for the rides you want to experience. A plus point for this ticket is that if you have friends or family and they only want to stroll around, this ticket would be the cheaper solutions. 
Alternatively there is a Free Pass ticket (5200yen) which included both admissions and unlimited rides (except those rides marked as not applicable to Free Pass Holder). This is more convenient and cheaper for somebody that for sure would want to ride all four extreme roller coasters and more. 

After all of that sorted up, it's time to enter the park. This red fiery door is where all the bus stops and it leads into a gift shop, full of snacks and other souvenirs. You need to wall through it to get to the main entrance of the theme park. Just before the gift shop there are lockers available for rent, they have various size and different prices for different sizes. 

When you see this gate, prepare your self for the fun journey ahead because this is the main entrance of Fuji Q Highland. Apparently there are two main entrance, the other one located at the other end of the park nearer to the Fujikyu Highland Station.

1. Fujiyama - King of Coaster
Length: 2045m
Max Height: 79m
Max Speed: 130km/h
Max Drop: 70m

Rider conditions:
Height limit: min 120cm
Age: up to 62
Ticket: 1000yen

Fujiyama records:
World's Tallest Complete Circuit Rolle Coaster (July 1996-May2000)
World's Tallest Roller Coaster (July 1996-January 1997)
World's Tallest Roller Coaster Drop  (July 1996-January 1997)
World's Fastest Roller Coaster (July 1996-January 1997)

It was raining when I arrived at the park and all the extreme rides were close but around mid day when the rain stops they started to open the extreme rides one by one. Fujiyama is one of the first that opens and I have to wait one hour in line to finally ride this bad ass roller coaster.

There are complimentary lockers available at the ride platform for you to store all your valuable items. Don't forget to take the locker key with you and be careful to not drop it during the ride.

My opinion on the ride: it was really really fun, it was very long ride around one minute in total and I got tired of screaming and out of breath by the end of it.

Opposite of Fujiyama entrance there is Air Fujiyama. There's a button to activate the fan which will blow wind to your face as if you are in the real roller coaster. The button can only be activated once you sat down in the vehicle, ask your friend to do it for you.

2. Eejanaika

Length: 1153m
Max Height: 76m
Max Speed: 126km/h

Rider conditions:
Height Limit: 130cm-200cm
Age Limit: 10-60

Towards Eajanaika main entrances there are small area of traditional Japanese street, there are shops selling merchandise, traditional snacks, some fun souvenir machines such as printing stickers with your name on it and fortune telling machines.

Eajanaika is the world's second 4th dimensions roller coaster, through out the rides there will be 14 inversions and most of these are the results of seats rotating forward and backwards 360 degrees rather than the actual track.

The wait was about an hour and I was very keen to ride this roller coaster because the unique concept they precent. The roller coaster started with you ascending backwards, that means you can't see your first drop which are crazy fun! The whole ride you will feel upside down and I don't really know what's next in results of the numerous inversions. I would not recommend this for someone with motion sickness due to numerous inversions but to be honest it's not that bad and it ends pretty fast compare to Fujiyama.

3. Takabisha
Length: 1004m
Max Speed: 100km/h
Max Drop Angle: 121 degrees

Rider conditions:
Height Limit: min 130cm
Age Limit: 10-60
Ticket: 1000 yen

Takabisha is still the current record holder for the world's steepest roller coaster. The first climb to the top is at 90 degrees angle and the ride will stop for several seconds before the big drop. It was definitely a fun experience.

4. World Bucchigiri Coaster Dodonpa

Length: 1189m
Max Height: 52m
Max Speed: 172km/h

Rider conditions:
Height Limit: min 130cm
Age Limit: 10-60
Ticket: 1000yen

Dodonpa won the records for fastest acceleration and fastest roller coaster in the world. Just by looking at it you know it's true, the ride end so fast even though the tracks are pretty long. This is the last ride that opens after the rain stops, they have numerous test more than the other roller coaster for this ride. Finally when they decide to open I get a chance to give it a test. 

Yup it was extremely fast and some people could not handle the forces and ended up with a slight headache after the ride. There is one giant camera and your picture will be taken ride in front of it so get ready!

5. Nagashimasuka and Great Zaboon
Rider conditions Nagashimasuka:
Min Height: 110cm
Age Limit: Max 64
Ticket: 800 yen
Photo credit: Fuji Q Highland Website

Rider conditions Great Zaboon:
Min Height: 120cm
Age Limit: Max 59
Ticket: 800 yen

Both of this ride are water rides, if you don't want to get wet you need to bring or purchase a rain coat. Nagashimasuka has two huge maneko in the middle of the water, they are so cute and great for taking pictures. Great Zaboon create a big water splash, it is a classic drop down on a water slide.

6. Tondemina, Red Tower and Tekkotsu Bancho
Rider conditions Tondemina:
Height Limit: 137cm-195cm
Age Limit: Max 59
Ticket: 800 yen

Rider conditions Red Tower:
Min Height: 130cm
Age Limit: Max 59
Ticket: 600 yen

Rider conditions Tekkotsu Bancho:
Min Height: 110cm
Age Limit: Max 64
Ticket: 800 yen

Tondemina , Red Tower and Tekkotsu Bancho was more of relaxed ride after the four extreme roller coaster. Tondemina will swing you back and ford, allow you to relax and the wind will blow upon your face .Red Tower will bring you up and then drop you but you will get to enjoy the view, if you are lucky enough you will be able to see Mt Fuji. Tekkotsu Bancho is a rotating swing  from 59 m tall tower, you will enjoy the view even more in this ride.

7. Panic Clock and Mad Mouse
Rider conditions Panic Clock:
Min Height: 130cm
Age Limit: Max 59
Ticket: 500 yen

Rider conditions Mad Mouse:
Min Height: 110cm
Age Limit: Max 64
Ticket: 500 yen

Panic Clock like it's name move like a clock and definitely not recommended for people with motion sickness. Mad mouse is basically a child roller coaster compare to the other rides.

8. Thomas Land
This are obviously more family friendly especially for the kids who are a fan of Thomas. There are 9 kids friendly ride with Thomas themes and their price ranges around 200-300 yen.

There are station shops which contain souvenirs and merchandises related to Thomas and friends. There are also four places to buy food in this area, some offers more substantial food such as K Thomas Cafe's and the others offer snacks and drinks (Lady Hatt's Afternoon Tea, Mrs. Kyndley's Kitchen & Tidmouth)

9. Other kids rides (Hamtaro's Gentle Ocean Ship, The Great Fluffy Sky Adventure, Hide and Seek in the Forrest)
Rider conditions Hamtaro's Ocean Ship:
Min Height: 110cm
Age Limit: Max 64
Ticket: 500 yen

Rider conditions The Great Fluffy Sky Adventure:
Height Length: 110-190cm
Ticket: 500 yen

Rider conditions Hide and Seek in the Forrest:
Age: Min 4

All of these rides have Hamtaro themes, it was beyond cute and adorable. They are perfect for kids, it was fun, relaxed and it would be a great experience to the kids.

There is Kid's Studio & Character Shop, they sell merchandise from popular anime such as Hamtaro, Doraemon, One Piece and more.

10. Shinning Flower, Merry Go Around, Tea Cup, Wave Swinger
Rider conditions Shinning Flower:
Ticket: 500 yen

Rider conditions Merry Go Around:
Ticket: 400 yen

Rider conditions Tea Cup:
Ticket: 400 yen

Rider conditions Wave Swinger:
Min Height: 110cm
Age Limit: Primary school kids and above
Ticket: 500 yen

All of this rides except Wave Swinger are suitable for family rides, it's fun, relaxing and can be enjoyed as a group. 

There is also water ice (summer) and ice skating ring (winter) and go karts.

11. The Ultimate Horror Maze, Gogege no Kitaro's Monster House, Adventure land of Kaiketsu Zorori and Ultimate Fort
Rider conditions The Ultimate Horror Maze:
Number of Visitors: Limited to 1000-1500 per day
Length of Time: Approx 50 mins
Total Distance (walking): 900m
Age Limit: Elementary school kids and above 
Ticket: 500 yen (Free pass not valid)

It's a 2 floor, approx 3000 m and suppose to be one of the scariest and longest horror house in the world and it has scary haunted hospital as it settings.

Rider conditions Gogege no Kitaro's Monster:
Min Age: 3
Ticket: 400 yen 
Languange: Japanese Only

This attractions is based on popular Japanese anime about spirit monsters. This ride is basically a show and only available in Japanese, so I decided to skip it. There is a souvenir shop where limited editions Kitaro's souvenir could be found.

Rider conditions Adventure land of Kaiketsu Zorori:
Length of Time: approx 20 min
Ticket: 500 yen 
Languange: Japanese Only

Kaiketsu Zorori is a series of children's book written and illustrated by Mr. Yutaka Hara and published by Poplar Publishing in 1987. In this attraction is a mini adventure park where families can enter the world of the stories and there are a lot of photo opportunities with the characters.

Rider conditions Ultimate Fort
Length of Time: approx 20 mins
Age Limit: Elementary school and above
Ticket: 800 yen

This attractions is a labyrinth in a fortress, the mission is to escape within the time limit. There are many doors, corridors, rooms to choose and different stages that elevates to harder missions as you go. Knowledge, power, creativity will be needed through out this ride. There will be language difficulties for a non Japanese speaker.

12. Evangelion World
Ticket: 800 yen
Language: Japanese only

This is basically an Evangelion museum, it's a must for Neon Genesis Evangelion "Rebuild of Evangelion" fans. Evangelion is a popular animation film series produced by Tatsunoko productions and Gainax, directed by Hideaki Anno. I'm familiar with it so I'm very excited to finally get a chance to visit this place. They have numerous variety of Evangelion related items and taking pictures are permitted through out the museum.

It was a cool museum, they provided a lot of photo station such as a life-sized reproduction of the cockpit of an Evangelion.There are also scale models of "Asuka Langley Soryu",  and other characters.

This is one of the coolest thing in the museum, the very first 3-D sized scale model of the "General-purpose, humanoid battle weapon, the Cyborg Evangelion Unit-01" ever built.

Where to Eat:

MOS Burger

There are two burger specially sold at Fuji Q and one of them can be found at MOS Burger. The burger is called Fujiyama Burger (600yen) - it's similar to their regular beef burger, the only difference is Fujiyama Burger has an extra beef patty.

You have to order and pay at the counter and wait for your number to be called than collect your burger at the collection counter, the twist is they only speak Japanese and call the number in Japanese so it's a bit confusing.

We also order the MOS rice burger "Kaisen Kakiage" (390 yen) and it taste quite nice. The filling was a stir fry of vegetables and chicken.

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’đŸ’‹đŸ’đŸ’‹đŸ’đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹

Peko's Clock Cafe- Peko's cafe served multiple desserts, snacks and also merchandise and souvenirs related to Peko chan.

Pizza-La - They sells soups and pizza, the most popular menu is the Fuji Q Highland special, Tondemina pizza.

Bohatei - They are located in front of Great Zaboon and have an image of a beach house. Inside they served various rice bowl dishes.

Food Stadium - This is basically their food court, there are numerous stalls selling Yoshida udon, Houtou noodles and many other varieties of food. The second Fuji Q special burger could be found here, in a stall called Lotteria. It's located on the second floor.

Doner Kebab - Turkish fast food, they served pita, kebab with a ton of meat

Snacks stands - located in front of Fujiyama. They served okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba, ice creams and many more.

Information centre - located between the Merry-Go-Round and Tea cups. If you happen to get lost, or lose something in the park this is the place to go.

Monday-Sunday: 9am-5pm (6pm on weekends & holidays)

Fuji Q Highland
5 Chome-6-1 Shinnishihara
Yamanashi Prefecture
403-0017, Japan

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