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Sunday, October 11, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

YOMG have 5 current outlets all around Victoria and Glen Waverly is one of the new additions to YOMG empire. Perfect new location, It's a new additions to the busy, popular life at the famous Glen Waverly. It's a very modern place and it have an american diner vibe to it. I think that's what their aiming for. Catchy, neon sign, it's an appealing sign and very iconic. They sell burger, wings, chips in front and sell self service yoghurt at the back. It's a very clever strategy to do, because it makes this place an approachable place at every hour. To eat or to chill with your friends. 

I visit the store around 6 pm to have dinner, at that time it's still easy to get table right away. At 7pm the line grows and people come and go pretty quick for dinner, some dine in, some take away. After movies around 9.30 pm I went back to get a take away and yoghurt. I can see the place still crowded but the transition is clear. Before almost all of the customers order dinner, now most of them are are eating yoghurt. 

About the food it self. We ordered the kingsway - double beef, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion, ketchup, secret sauce ($13), krank'n - beef, cheese, lettuce, bacon, cheese, kransky, pickles, american mustard, relish ($16). The bun it self was nice, soft, fluffy and light. The winning point for kingsway burger goes to the onion, the onion was so good and sweet, full of flavours. The krank'n is perfect for a meat lovers burger. They put bacon, patty, sausages etc in there. It's a unique kind of burger and tasted good

They have various combinations of fries with toppings, the most popular is the American fries - cheese, bacon, ketchup, mustard ($6), to be honest I don't quiet fancy this dish. The chips was too soggy to begin with, even without the sauces etc. The bacon was over cook beyond crispy, almost burned. They need some more sauces in there to make it pop! 

The honey soy chicken wings ($10) was very very sweet, it almost feels like eating honey. The peanut butter chicken wings ($10) I like! Unique, sticky, tasty taste but it needs more salt or marinated a lil bit longer. The wings are cheap though, 10 for 10 dollars. They have various variety of milkshakes from the classic flavours such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry to the creative flavours such as salted peanut butter caramel, raspberry short cake and more. The chocolate milkshakes ($6) is way too thin and too sweet for my taste.

Mr potato head - double potato cake stack, double cheese, egg, slaw, gherkin dill mayo, ketchup ($11). It's a vegetarian options and also perfect for a potato lovers. Mr potato have the winning salads, the salads they put in there were so good, but this burger was really heavy and carbs overload! 

I think my perfect burger from this place would be the salad from mr burger add onion from kingsway and the patty, that would be amazing!

It ends with the yoghurt. Their original flavours was okay too creamy for my taste, it takes a way the refreshing taste yoghurt have. For both matcha yoghurt and peanut butter yoghurt, I don't quite like it. The lemon and ginger flavours was refreshing and nice as well as the coconut flavours. 

All the burger in this place has an options of changing it to a salad by discarding the bun. I love this option a lot! Their service were really nice and helpful.

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YOMG - Yo My Goodness
03 9560 2288
65-67 Kingsway
Glen Waverley, VIC 3150