Miyako (Invited)

Tuesday, October 06, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I was in Japan when I received invitation email from Miyako and we managed to arranged a suitable time to visit after my trip end. I requested an a la carte mixed with teppanyaki enable to get the full experience

We started the dinner with a complimentary mini dried toast bread and cold sweet beef. It was pretty average but a nice small opener while waiting for the food.

Crispy Prawn - Prawn wrapped with Seafood Mousse & Shredded Pastry served with Japanese style Tartar sauce. It was beyond crunchy, it's impossible to eat this dish without creating a mess on your table. The prawn is completely over shadow by the crunchy batter but the batter even though it's oily and tartar sauce was delicious.

Chawan Mushi - Steamed Egg Custard with Prawn, Chicken and Mushroom, Goju Berry, Udon. It's my first to eat udon inside a chawan mushi. Ponnie, our server of the night told us that the chef want something different and a little bit filling than the normal chawan mushi. It tasted pretty nice but too many ingredients mixed into one dish and it over shadows the beautiful taste and texture of the egg it self.

Tofu Dengaku - Deep Fried Tofu topped with Red and White Miso. The white miso topped with poppy seeds was light and delicious, I love it. The red miso topped with crunchy nut have darker, stronger flavours.

Sushi & Sashimi - They have tuna toro, tuna and king fish sashimi on top and scampi sashimi, salmon sushi, king fish sushi, tuna sushi, scampi sushi. It was beautifully made as well as amazing presentations. I was amazed when they brought it up to my table. The tuna toro was their speciality, it's a high quality and very fatty so not suitable for all palette. My favourite was their tuna belly and scampi, it was fresh and tasty.

It's finally the time for us to move to the teppanyaki table and we start of with Phil (Teppanyaki chef) demonstrating some of his skill and he was a shy, funny guy and clearly have a strong passion for cooking.

While cooking our beef and seafood, he demonstrate some more of his skills by tossing some bottle and landed on his hat and it was fun. The beef was good, cooked perfectly, easy to chew with generous portions. The seafood was my highlight of the night, love the scallop and scampi. The scallop was cooked perfectly, no fishy taste or smell and full of flavours. 

To accompany the meat and seafood Phil also cooked us a heart shape fried rice. It was adorable and just simply make you smile.

Ponnie bring us tofu and seaweed salad, she said this a new menu. This is another one of favourite dish of the night, it was light, refreshing and delicious.

Phil ask us to play two games during the dinner. The first one is where he toss small pieces of fried egg and we have to catch it with our mouth. I failed miserably at this game but I do really well at the second game. The second game is where we hold a plastic ball with both hands and Phil will throw some bowl at us and we have to catch it with the bowl we have at our hand. The last bowl Phil throw is full of rice. I love these games, it's perfect for a family or friends event since it will create interactions, laughter and lit up the mood.`

To end the dinner we have black sesame and green tea ice cream topped with soya bean powder, strawberry and chocolate stick. Both flavours are pretty good.

They have an impressive drink list, it was 15 pages long. It consist of wine (Australia, Italy, France), champagne, sake, shoyu, choya, cocktails, soft drink, beers (Australia, Japan), ciders. For sake, choya and shocu they add comprehensive descriptions of how are they made, what it taste like and how to drink them (cold/hot). I decided to try their plum wine and I like it a lot, it was sweet and light.

They have various packages such as pre theatre packages and quick teppanyaki dinner. They also have a pick up service available via online, the take away menu consist of a lot of varieties and the menu online was well organised, complete with pictures of each dish and there is 10% discount for the first order.

Miyako has various kind of seating; table seatings and balcony served a la carte, sushi bar if you are interested in watching the professional chef prepared your sushi and sashimi. Teppanyaki tables fit for 50 people, great for special occasions or corporate functions. Tatami private Japanese dining room fit for 10-20 people for the ultimate Japanese experience.

Overall, it was a fun and entertaining experience. Especially the teppanyaki part of the dinner. Their price are pretty reasonable and they have multiple packages to suit your needs.

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
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