Little Rogue

Tuesday, October 06, 2015 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Little rogue its a small cute iconic cafe located just beside Melbourne Central, super strategic locations. It's the perfect place to escape from the hectic life in the city, they have outdoor and indoor seatings. Indoor there are plenty of art displays from various artist. Nice way to support the local artist.

They are famous for their coffee and it was certainly a good one. Perfect amount of acidity and bitterness, perfect temperature when served. The crepes cake was the other thing they are famous for, they served different flavours everyday. The cookies and cream was soft and tasty but the layer of the crepes are not as thin as I expected it to be. The strawberry short cake also taste pretty good with fresh strawberries. 

They also have nutella banana crepes cake for chocolate and nutella lovers. The combinations was perfect and it was a hit.

The most popular crepes cake is matcha adzuki crepes cake. They sold out pretty fast so it's pretty hard to get it. It's definitely my favourite flavour, I can really taste the green tea flavour and mixed really well with the vanilla cream and adzuki beans.

Besides coffee they are also famous for their matcha latte, they have small and large size. Of course I pick the large sizes and so far it was the best matcha latte all around, it was thick and the matcha flavours really shine, even though they have a grainy after taste.

They also have a new collections of Hokkaido cheesecake. The first one I decided to try is the Black sesame cheesecake ($7.5). The texture was good but the taste was a bit odd, it seems the cheesecake and the black sesame clash and the black sesame ended up overpowering the cheesecake.

Strawberry and cream cheesecake ($7.5) it's a classic flavour and I have to say they made it pretty well. It was not overly sweet and have a nice balanced between the cheese and sweet sour strawberry.

Matcha cheesecake ($7.5) was my favourite. If you are a big fan of matcha and cheesecake, this is an absolute combinations you have to try. It was perfectly balances, sweet sour from the cheesecake combined with strong bitter matcha just works really well.

I was tempted by their cinnamon roll and decided to try to it. It  was sweet, moist, pretty generous in size, perfect partner for coffee or tea.

Their cruffin is also delicious, it is flaky, crispy on the outside and juicy buttery inside. I tried their strawberry cronut and I love it.

Their classic flavour cruffin ($6) such as chocolate also has a nice flavour, not overly sweet but rich inside and crunchy outside.

The iconic door was one my favourite thing from this place. Love their name card as well, the blue door pops up and have an attractive effect to it. Their logo was artsy and so unique. They just put their logo on the take away cup without any brand name on it. 


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Little Rogue
12 Drewery Ln
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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