Hodori Korean Garden

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 Sharon Halim 4 Comments

Korean Garden is one of the place I go to for a sudden Korean cuisines cravings since it's close to home. The place has a Japanese seatings on the first floors but honestly I never seen anybody dining there. The bigger and modern dining area is upstairs as well as the kitchen. Structure of the restaurant are a bit messy and minimal on organisations and decorations. They have a Korean BBQ area as well as an a la carte menu.

Complementary appetisers are a must in Korean restaurant. They served six appetisers consist of kimchi, fish cakes, cucumber and greens, pickled bean sprouts, candied potatoes and more. Honestly they are all pretty average.

Ddeok Bok Gi - Spicy Rice Cakes ($13). The rice cake was soft, chewy and covered in generous chilli sauce was not bad at all.

Kimchi Bindae Ddeok - Kimchi Pancake ($11.5). It was mildly spicy, very generous capsicum that it over powered the rest of the ingredients.

So GalBi - marinated beef spare ribs ($17.5). This is my favourite meat cut for Korean BBQ and they cooked it nicely every time even though the portions size has been inconsistent.

Soon Du Bu Jigae - spicy dessert tofu hotpot with egg, vegetables and seafood ($14.5). This is my favourite Korean soup. Every time I visit Korean restaurant, this is something that always tempt me. In Korean Garden they have 3 sizes of soup; small, medium and large which is great to match your appetite or party size.

Jya Jang Myun - noodles in the black bean sauce with pork and vegetables ($14.5). Sadly, I do not like how the cooked it, it was sour and that's it.

There is a clicker to call the staff to your table for your convenient, just in case they are busy and no body around. 

The other dishes such as japchae, chicken teriyaki, stir fry chilli prawn, pork belly are something I sometimes order as well. Overall it was sufficient to temporarily satisfied my Korean cravings for some time. Prepare to bring some cash cause they don't accept any credit cards.

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday: 12pm-10pm
Wednesday: 5pm-10pm

Korean Garden
1344 Centre Road
Clayton, VIC 3168


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