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Monday, October 19, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Went here on a Saturday morning. Recommend by a friend who works near by this place. The building from outside stands out from other building around it, really appealing and looks modern and unique. Their logo is big and chic so people will be drawn to it. Went inside, it's a warehouse type of place; its a open spaces, quite big, wide and natural light from the outside help brighten up the places. They have various kind of seats. The big table to share, small table for two, there is a bistro kind of table on the right side. At the very back is their open kitchen, so people can watch how they work. The owner is half Indonesian so this place naturally have asian influence. 

We ordered the Indonesian corn fritter - crispy corn fritters, son in law egg & chilli caramel ($17) . The Indonesian corn fritter is the closest corn fritters so far to the one in Indonesia, still not quite the same but close. The real indonesian corn fritter usually more crunchy, less fluffy and less flour. The taste of corn fritter are pretty good but a little dry. Unlike most corn fritter dishes, he didn't served it with avocado or tomato salsa. He served it dry, accompanied by egg with dark soy sauce with dried onion. This egg I can say - authentic Indonesian. Tasted exactly the same with the one in Indonesia. The egg was enjoyable. And Indonesian usually eat their corn fritters with dark soy sauce. They mixed perfectly. Overall for this dish I have mixed feelings about it, love the egg but there are missing components to corn fritters, it need something else. Somehow it's too plain and dry.

The H hash - potato, hock, poached egg, kale with mustard hollandaise ($17). I love the kale chips, really crunchy but some nearly burn. The hollandaise sauce was amazing, thick, creamy and full of flavours. The hash brown was mushy, whether the concept of what their aiming is a mushy and soft hash brown or this one need to be improved to crunchy outside and soft inside hash brown which I like better. The egg was poached beautifully.

The french toast by 1pm, the staff said there is only 1 left. The French toast - figs, pistachio, mascarpone & orange blossom honey ($16) was the winner out of all! It was appealing, photogenic, the pink cotton candy pop and attractive. Even when the staff carried around I can see people are watching and wondering what dish is that. The taste of it also as good as the appearance. The french toast was crunchy, they coat it with muesli that adds flavours and crunchiness to it. Something different and could be their signatures later on. The vanilla mascarpone was soft and melty. The poached fruits was beautifully done, I don't usually fancy rhubarb but this one is good and add sweet sour taste to the dish. Cotton candy was sweet and fluffy. This dish definitely have the drama and theatre to it. 

When it comes to their coffee, they used 5 senses. The coffee was a bit bitter and watery, there is no coffee art on it and I think they should start doing it It's just look more appealing and modern for dine in customers, coffee with chocolate powders on top are a little bit old school nowadays. This is also to match the vibe of the restaurant which is modern, hip, trendy - cool place to have brunch. They also served cold pressed juice. The staff was really friendly, attentive and knowledgeable about their products. They are plenty of parking spaces around but limited time. In conclusions, it was a pleasant visit and it's about time a trendy cafe opens up at south eastern suburb!

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Hendriks Cafe
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