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Fandango is definitely one of the best brunch in Melbourne. Little gem with three small spaces. A little outdoor spaces in front of the cafe, indoor and patio at the back. It's small so a little bit cramped here and there but you can definitely still moved around. The place looks old and very minimal decorations. At the back the plant was messy it looks more like a jungle than garden. I think they can step up the game on decorations and interior designs. 

The food it self was the best! The french toast is different than the other french toast I have eaten. It's literally egg on top and bottom which was really nice. It adds crunchiness and a bit of salty flavours to the dish. The syrup was generous and sip in through the french toast really well. The poached fruit was poached beautifully and the bacon it self was a winner. It was crunchy and somehow taste better than other bacons. 

The scrambled eggs was made perfectly, still a bit runny which I love, perfectly seasoned and oh my the pesto. The pesto was delicious. Love it so much. 

The let down was the coffee, it's really bitter and a bit watery. They don't have fresh orange juice which I think they should begin to served healthier beverages to follow the trend.

They are really busy at the weekends. They have two doors, in front and the back. Most of the staff is at the front, so it would be faster to get a table if you line up at the front door and sometimes they would ask you to wait  and join the line up at the front door rather than the back

Their prices is reasonable, approximately $50 dollar for two people with two main meals and two beverages. In conclusion, I love this place.

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
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Monday & Public Holiday: Closed

03 9329 0693
97 Errol st
North Melbourne, 3051