Clement Coffee Roasters

Saturday, October 17, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Cute small place with an outdoor seatings, very appealing for summer days or to enjoy beautiful weather. This small store decorated well considering small space they have, they managed to make it charming and appealing when u pass by. 

In front of the shop the line up this beautiful donuts with various flavours, there are some cronut too. Inside the shop they also have other goodies lining up such as croissant, cookies, muffins.

The coffee service takes a long long time though cause there are a lot of people lining up on Sunday morning but they should pick up the pace a lil bit. But the coffee it self worth the wait, perfect temperature, perfect kind of bitterness. 

Tried their salted caramel donut so called their best seller and no wonder it's a best seller. Rich caramel and sweet, the donut it self not as oily and the texture is closer to bread but the combinations was just nice. Not too heavy so you can eat the whole thing by your self! 

I also tried the nutella cronut, it's just yummy! The texture of the cronut just perfect, crunchy but moist and tasty, nutella meringue on top was delicious and crunchy. Perfect amount of fillings as well.

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Monday-Sunday : 7am-5pm

Clement Coffee Roasters
03 9209 6295
South Melbourne Market
Stall89/89 Cecil St,
SouthMelbourne, VIC 3205