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Brioche by Philip is a modern French bakery and coffee house. Owned by Philip Chiang, he was train in Tokyo by the famous Michelin star Paul Bocuse and has won numerous awards including best bakery in Melbourne and best sourdough in Melbourne. Since then it has been featured in many newspaper, books and other publications. have 4 current outlets all around Melbourne CBD and Prahran, some of them are bigger than the others.

All pastries are baked fresh daily with such an abundant selections of French patisserie with some modern Japanese influence on some of the products. They make it really hard to choose which bun or croissant or danish or other goodies either for a quick take out or relaxing afternoon tea time. So I decided to go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff.

My first choice was their Belgian Chocolate Brioche ($3.8). It was sweet, moist and very generous chocolate chips.

Bronut is a combination of brioche and donut, another creative collaborations of patisserie. This is perfect for somebody who prefers dense, less oily and filling pastry. Their Bronutella Caramel Glaze ($3.8) was sweet, sticky and pretty popular through out the day.

Almond & Caramel Bronut ($3.8) was sweet, sticky but with a nice crunchy almond on top, less oily and moist than cronut.

Mini Bronut (1pcs-$1.50, 2pcs-$2.50, 50c w/ coffee), it's plain bronut coat with sugar. If you want something small and sweet with your coffee, this is the way to go.

Bromington ($3.8) is a combination of brioche and lamington. Lamington is a dessert of Australian origin and by making a creative evolution of this coconut chocolate sponged cake it proves Brioche by Philip knows Australian audience really well.

Mandarin Danish ($3.8) was fresh, sweet and sour with a crunchy and flaky pastry. This is one of my favourite pastry.

Pumpkin Seeds Roll was surprisingly sweet. This my first time eating pumpkin seeds roll and certainly will not be my last time.

Walnut Fig Blue Cheese Brioche ($3.8) was mixed really well, all the ingredients go well together. Fresh and sweet flavour from the fig mixed with cheese just feels right.

Walnut Cranberry White Chocolate ($3.8) has a sweet and sour taste from the cranberry mixed with scone doughy texture and white chocolate sweetness.

Gluten Free Hazelnut Brownie ($3.8) was right besides the cashier and straight away I decided to add it to my cart but apparently they are pretty average for my taste.

For those looking for something more wholesome, there are soups, mini pizzas, burgers and sanwiches. Chicken Schnitzel & Bacon with Charcoal Brioche Bun ($8.5) - Cheese, Tomato, Mixed Salads and Mayonnaise was surprisingly good. The chicken was cruncy and tasty, the sauce and the bun mixed together nicely.

They served 5 senses coffee and produce a decent cup of coffee and also various ranges of tea. The cafe it self was warm, cozy and they have plenty of seats and sofa's. There are seductive pastries display at the window. The downside was they don't have their own printed box, just a normal generic white cardboard with paper bag. I think it's about time they make a nicer packaging for gifts.

Overall, they provided a lot of varieties and as a bakery it is really important to have a wide ranges as well as a consistent flavour through out the products and Brioche by Philip manage to secure that.

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹

Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm

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