Spencer Espresso

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

There is a newbie in town! Pass by this coffee shop and straight away drawn to it. The brick walls and the sign look so appealing, modern yet classic. 

I went inside and it was small, definitely design for take away coffee. The bricks walls inside give a unique feeling cause nowadays wood are very in and people seems to use it everywhere. This is a refreshing scene even though they still use wood table and chairs. There's very limited space for seatings, maybe about 8-10 people only. They are playing reggae music on the background. Hip and fun. Gives a happy vibe to the places. 

The most amazing part is the coffee! One of the best coffee I had by far in Melbourne! Have certain sweetness from the coffee it self since I drink my code without sugar, the perfect temperature and texture of the milk. It was awesome and definitely beyond my expectations! Definitely will come back! Love it!

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Monday-Friday: 6.15am-6pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

Spencer Espresso
03 9629 4214
667 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000