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Saturday, September 19, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

We went to Snow Pony on a Saturday around 2pm, we are given a table straight away. This place it self got potentials, they have so many different area. Outdoor area back and front. On the side indoor but with natural lighting which I think was the winning point of this restaurant. In front and back indoor area. This place was pretty big and able to accommodate a large number of people.

When we are ready to order this blonde lady wasn't holding any iPad or notes, when we start ordering she walk to the nearest order station and start typing since our table is close to them. At the end she repeat everything we ordered and she got it right but apparently she miss something. The coffee come pretty quick and they taste average and their cup was pretty small.

Their orange juice ($4.5) was fresh, chill and have a balanced of natural sweet and sour flavours but it was pretty small portions even though they served in a bottle rather than normal glass. 

We ordered the prawn and chicken burger - bean shoots, toasted sesame, sriracha mayo & herbs with crispy potatoes ($18.9) . We waited more than 20 minutes for it to come and no apologies from the staff what so ever. The burger come and the patty it self was unique, covered in sesame seeds. The potato they served with the burger was amazing, one of the best potato around. The burger it self when I take my first bite it's really good but when I keep eating there is a strong fishy smell come from the prawn and become unappetising. I can't even finish the whole burger. Maybe they need to put more lemon or sesame oil or use much fresher prawn to improve it.

After all that the crumpets with jam & cinnamon cream cheese ($8) still haven't arrived at our table, so I finally decide to ask the waiter and they did not even ordered it. Later on the crumpets came and the crumpets was good and warm. The cream was ok, they can improve the jam buy buying one of mrs marple raspberry jam.

Overall, the service needs to be improved. Faster, friendlier and more attentive. They other letdown was they only have one toilet that's a let down and it have a shabby feeling to it but clean.

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Snowy Pony
03 9816 8911
95 Whitehorse Rd
Balywyn, VIC 3103