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This is another cafe with warehouse inspired decorations but with the new trend of bringing in plenty of light and used lighter colour as well. Splash of white on the walls and some natural light from the windows always works out well. The positioning of the door could be positioned better, because every time it is opened a blast of cold wind comes in which isn't that great, especially in this winter seasons. 

We were attended to by one of the owners Tom Davidson who used to be a football player for Collingwood and then started developing an interest and passion in food nutrition and health which inspired him to open this Paleo cafe. Apparently it's the first dedicated paleo cafe in Melbourne. Paleo Diet is a diet based on types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Excluding the unprocessed food such as dairy products. 

We ordered Cave man: big breakfast with cherry tomatoes, steak, sunny side up, tomato relish and sweet potato ($22). Strawberry, banana french toast with maple bacon topped with bee pollen ($19). To top it all up organic market juice and of course coffee to wash everything down. Cave man brings a unique twist to the classic big breakfast with adding steak to it. The steak was a bit tough but tasty and the other components on the plate was pretty average. The french toast are a bit too dry for my taste, even though the maple bacon were tasty as well as the bee pollen. The coffee it self was code black and it was pretty decent. The market juice was fresh and refreshing.

Sometimes they can get busy but most of the time there is no need for queueing which is convenient, and food comes quite quickly. 

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03 9029 0328
32 Bendigo St
Richmond, VIC 3121
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