Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters

Saturday, September 26, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

This place is definitely in trend right now and with it's strategic locations and iconic cotton candy hot chocolate, it's been a popular choices for brunch in CBD. They are located very near to the famous hardware sociate. But unlike small, cute, limited space hardware sociate provided, this place offers a huge place and able to accommodate large group number of people. It has outdoor seatings, inside there are high stools long communal table, intimate table for two near the walls and another big area besides the barista bar and they have space on their level two as well. 

The hashtag sign was smart and appealing. Inside it was decorated with light and dark wood colours with modern vibe. The staff was friendly but one of them, blond guy very helpful and cheerful. I wish all the staff has the same vibe and attitudes. The letdown was they served average coffee.

The famous hot chocolate by mork with cotton candy was unique, inventive, photogenic and of course it taste delicious. It was thick but not too sweet, settle just nice and warm in your belly. This is a must if you decided to visit this place. I will definitely come back for it.

We ordered the leek & cheddar croquettes with cauliflower puree, ham hock, cavolo nero and a tumeric poached egg ($19.5), it was obvious they have an asian influence to it. The croquettes it self was tasty, crunchy outside but soft and melty inside. The garnish that accompanies it taste good but way too mushy, I think it needs some crunchy or solid things in it. The bacon was also mushy and it needed to be crunchy but instead it just lost in the dish. 

The other thing we ordered is the chorizo and scallops + eggs ($20.5) with toasted sourdough, fried egg, chilli and a white bean spread. It was indeed generous pieces of scallops but it was overcooked. It lose the smooth and soft scallop texture and turn to chewy, also lose some of its tasty natural flavours. The chorizo was salty and its average. The bread underneath it was way to mushy but the white bean spread taste pretty tasty. 

They should improved the consistency and quality of their food. This place has a lot of potentials! It's big, interior of the place was awesome, have unique hot chocolate and it's in the middle of the city!

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
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Monday-Friday: 7am-3pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-5pm

Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters
03 8529 0284
113 Hardware St
Melbourne, VIC 3000