Gypsy & Pig

Thursday, September 10, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Gypsy & Pig is Japanese pork specialty restaurant by Kenji Higuchi, he is the only chef in this restaurant. He was the creator and owner of Horoki, modern Japanese restaurant that now has permanently closed. 

Their signature dish is Tonkatsu - a traditional Japanese dish of deep fried pork loin covered in bread crumbs (panko). In Gypsy & Pig they served real authentic tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauces just like in the real Tonkatsu Ya in Japan. In Japan, Tonkatsu Ya means tonkatsu specialise restaurant such as Ramen Ya means ramen specialise restaurant and most of them only served that one typical dish but with variety of toppings or cooked differently. 

Kenji Higuchi him self prepared all the meals
This is definitely one of the best new comers! From the beginning of the courses to the very end it was phenomenal.

I begin the dinner with something light, fresh wagyu beef tataki with garlic, soy, vinegar ($20) and it was to die for! It was so thinly sliced, juicy, fresh and full of flavours, definitely will come back for this. I'm a big fan of beef tataki and I'm proudly says this is one of the best beef tataki in Melbourne by far.

The second dish was Kurobuta, kimchi, veg, miso based hot pot for one ($25). Kurobota in Japan means crossed bred between Berkshire and Berkshire, it requires much more time to grow than other kind of pig and this is one of the reasons for it's higher price. The quality of Kurobuta and the great taste it produces widely known as a quality brand of pork from Japan all over the world. In the menu it says for one person but they very generous, rich soup with thinly slices pork and it was very tasty. 

Deepfried crumbbed kurobuta hamburg with melted cheddar cheese ($21) add a meal set ($7) with miso soup, rice, two side dishes and pickled vegs. The hamburg tonkatsu with cheese inside are phenomenal, it just melts in your mouth. It was indeed an authentic experience. I have been to a Tonkatsu Ya in Japan in this places are definitely comparable or might be better than some Tonkatsu Ya in Japan. Even the side dish are delicious, love the potato salad.

We end the dinner with black sesame ice cream and it has a strong black sesame flavours which I like and fresh strawberry as a garnish.

It's a small place, they definitely have limited seatings, during dinner several groups walk in and they turn them down cause they are fully booked. Reservations recommend! They have a very friendly and attentive service, all of their staff are Japanese people!

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
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Monday, Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed
Tuesday-Saturday: 10.30am-2.30pm & 5.30pm-10.30pm

Gypsy & Pig
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Shop 3, 391 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC 300