Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café

Sunday, September 27, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The first Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café finally has open in Melbourne, I was wondering why there is no hype at all? Guylian Café opens in Melbourne with out a significant hype from the people around. Guylian is a big brand name for chocolate and has been for quite some time. 

I have done some research and people were complaining about the price are expensive and yes they are. I order one hot chocolate and one cake cost me $19. 

The hot chocolate  servings was pretty generous, it can fill the cup fully twice but by then it's not hot anymore. The concept are cute with melting the signature horse chocolate with pouring over the hot chocolate to the cup. 

I bought the Guylian chocolate and raspberry cake. The bottom layer was chocolate cake than on top of that its vanilla and chocolate mousses and raspberry. It tastes delicious, light and creamy with a sour refreshing ending but it's so small for the prices. Basically just 3/4 spoons at max to finish it. The vibe of the place it self is classy and cozy. The staff was really friendly and helpful.

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Monday-Wednesday: 8am-10pm
Thursday-Friday: 8am-11pm
Saturday: 9am-11pm
Sunday: 9am-10pm

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café
03 9077 6131
146 Swanston St,
Melbourne, VIC 3000