Coffee Hit

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Coffee Hit is a nice hidden cafe located inside Springvale Homemaker Centre. This cafe has a lot of space inside, it looks small from the outside but when you go further inside they are able to accommodate a lot of people and they also offer privacy at the back. So it's convenient for work on your laptop or read a book. They have a wall of books which is really unique at the back of their store. Has an edgy, old but modern vibe. The downside is the lightin, at the back they set a dim lighting so its not ideal for taking a picture or reading a book. The have high chair counters in front, it makes the place look modern and hip. 

Their coffee it self was really good. Have a nice kind of bitter, perfect temperature. The milk was fluffy and soft but I have to say they are inconsistent.

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Coffee Hit
03 9544 1384
25/917 Princes Highway
Springvale, VIC 3171