Savoey Seafood

Monday, August 17, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Savoey Seafood restaurants has been standing strong for over 19 years and have been considered one of the landmark of the famous Patong beach. It's a big restaurants able to accommodate large group of people and it open for lunch and dinner and offers fresh seafood.

I love Thai cuisines. It has a unique, rich punching flavours but also has certain freshness to it. m always excited to try new western and asian fusion restaurant. This one definitely lift up to it. They have wide ranges of dishes to choose from seafood, meat, poultry and drinks. The Seafood Tom Yum is to die for, the seafood are all fresh, the soup has a lil bit creamy part to it but remain light, fresh, sour and spicy. The stir fry prawn was very generous and fresh with chilli paste was rich, spicy with a right amount of sour. 

Thai ice tea is one of the most iconic Thai drinks, every where in the world Thai restaurant must have their own versions of Thai ice tea. This one was very rich, not too sweet and served chilled, it was delicious.

Prices wise, food in Thailand are pretty cheap and this one is definitely have reasonable prices. The staff was a bit rude towards the beginning but much nicer later on. 


Savoey Seafood
Kathu District
Patong Beach
Phuket, Thailand