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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

This cute little cafe first famous for their macarons when macarons was in trend. They have limited seating and only one big shared table. The walls are decorated in various colours somehow reflecting all the macarons colours. Unfortunately there is no restroom in the shop. 

The shop was beautifully decorated, cute grass bunny, marble table and this place look so bright and clean with the natural light from the window. Very modern and have a luxurious feeling to it.

They served mork hot chocolate and have a limited editions salted caramel hot chocolate blend to dine in or take away. Their menu changed every seasons. One of the winter menu, the bread and butter pudding are beyond amazing.. They served it with pandan infused soup and they served them generously. Yumm.. Best bread and butter pudding in Melbourne by far! 

Blue Calpis - cheesecake with a twist: calpis, mascarpone mousse cake, white chocolate sponge, blueberry jelly, blueberry cream, topped with blueberry meringue and crumble ($8.5).

Lolly Bag Cake - 7 layers cake starts with banana lolly joconde, freckles crunch, mandarin jaffa ganache, musk mallow, more banana lolly joconde, spearmint leaf, buttercream and topped with a redskins glaze ($8). At first, when I saw it on Masterchef Australia I thought it would be really sweet but it's not, it's perfectly balanced and moist.

Be My Love - milk chocolate mousse, raspberry cream, dark chocolate crunch, chocolate glaze, fresh dried raspberry ($9). Just a nice piece of well balanced sweet, rich chocolate and sour raspberry cake.

Meringue Monster - green tea sponge, pistachio, watermelon yoghurt, sour strawberry mousse, charcoal meringue is a classic cake at LuxBite. This is one my favourite LuxBite cake. It was light, refreshing and I can eat all of them on my own.

Snowman - mango, coconut, macadamia mousse cake ($9.5). I love christmas and I love snowman, I fall in love with this cake straight away and they taste light, fresh and yummy.

I have tried their green tea cheesecake before, it was dense, really sweet and needed more of the cheese and green tea flavour but the endless love was delicious. It's perfect for macaron lovers, as we all known Lux Bite macarons are made really well, mixed with lychee ganache, rose cream ,lychee and fresh raspberries. Yum! Their other cakes such as epic chocolate cravings and 

From the very first time I discover Lux bite, I admire their creativity and passion to create something new. I will continue to follow their development cause I do not want to miss their delicious cakes.

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Monday-Sunday: 10.30am-7pm

Lux Bite
38 Toorak Road
South Yarra, VIC 3141
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