Healesville Harvest

Friday, August 28, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Healesville Harvest is a cafe own by Healesville Hotel, they are open for seven days a week from 8am. They are quite famous for serving Genovese coffee. Genovese coffee it's own by Genovese family and first made by Alfio Genovese. Genovese family come to Australia in 1950's and become a major importer and distributor of Italian goods. The Genovese family aim to provide Australian with a true Italian espresso coffee experience than later on in 1970's they open their own coffee roast company. 

The cafe it self has an outdoor and indoor seating, the outdoor seatings at the back surrounded by plants and has a charming vibe. 

The food menu in Healesville Harvest are typical classic brunch menu. We ordered two dish both come out just okay, bread with melted cheese, fresh spinach, two poached eggs and ham. The eggs poached beautifully, the cheese were delicious but the other aspects on the plate are quite average. The other dish we order is bread with smoked salmon and poached eggs, this is even more average than the last dish. They are specialise in using fresh produce from the local market or other suppliers around Australia. To be honest I'm not a big fan of Italian coffee in this cafe, they are too bitter and watery for my taste but Italian roast coffee if mix well with high quality milk and the right skills could be amazing.

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Healesville Hotel
03 9562 4002
256 Maroondah HIghway
Healesville, VIC 3777