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Massive korean bbq place with classic dark wood colour and modern twist on warehouse interior designs. It gives a lux vibe to it as well. Three storeys available to accommodate large group number of people. The first storey are more casuals but the second storey have an elegant and romantic vibe to it, the third storey consist of the restroom and bar.

They features high quality meat such as wagyu and the prices are quite high but still reasonable. My favourite would be their wagyu at all cut, all taste amazing and melt in your mouth, gal-bi also good. The pork belly both plain, sweet soy or spicy has good quality and taste good. Overall the meat quality are fresh and taste great. Guhng corn tea certainly a nice companion for the dinner.

The current dipping sauces consist of sweet and salty sauce which are great but adding variety to the dipping sauce would be great even though the one they have now is already good. They have other side dishes too but not many to choose from. Their jap chae was good but the portions are really small, the bim bim bap consist of red rice, vegies and egg also taste quite good. The Agadeshi tofu was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and tofu it self already have flavour. One of the best agadeshi tofu around. 

For dessert I always order their green tea panna cotta. Lovely presentations each time, sometimes they change it up to long plate. Fluffy, soft and not too sweet. The green tea flavour really come through. Such a nice way to end the dinner. The staff always very friendly , attentive and helpful. Asking you throughout the dinner about your preferences and what you think about the dinner.

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Monday-Friday: 12pm-3pm & 6pm-11pm
Saturday-Sunday: 6pm-12am

03 9041 2192
19 Mckillop St
Melbourne, VIC 3000