Gelato Messina

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Gelato Messina has been a hype place for Gelato in Sydney for quite some time now. When they first open their first store in Melbourne, people are lining up to taste their amazing gelato. The place was quite big for a gelato shop. They have outdoor and indoor seatings area. The indoor seatings seems cozy, they have sofas and small round table in the middle. The vibe of the places mixed between warm and hip, trendy - cool place to hang out. Love the funky art on the wall, people can see the staff working too through the glass window.

First time I went there I tried their coffee flavour, which was very strong and too bitter for my taste. I keep coming back though, trying different flavours and finally got my favourite. Their Tiramisu gelato are the best tiramisu flavoured gelato I have tasted by far! With real spongy cake in mixture. The feeling of eating ice cream cake rather than just a gelato. 

Long back I tried the nachos flavour, it's on the special board. Honestly, I don't really like it. Not my cup of tea. But have to admit it's very creative and they really tasted like nachos and guacamole etc. Check out their specials for various unique mixture of gelato. Other flavours are nice too. Tried their fig flavour, not bad at all.. Sweet and refreshing, you can really taste the fig. Always in love with their ice cream cake design. The black forrest and the mushroom are my favourite.. So unique and innovative and certainly take a lot of time and effort to make

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Monday-Thursday & Sunday: 12pm-11pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm-11.30pm

Gelato Messina
1800 435 286
237 Smith St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065