Café de la Ville

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I accidentally went in to this cafe on it's opening day (6th July 2015). I was around the neighbourhood and saw this black and white classic cafe from across the street and decided to give it a try.

The interior of cafe screams modern classic, very French. Elegant, cozy and relax. Their cake displays are amazing, full of choices. From sandwiches, pastry, macarons to cakes. They have charming area at the back with classic sofa and some other classics chairs and tables.

I decided to try the Monte Cristo cake which is a rich dark chocolate cake with raspberry. It's certainly does not disappoint. The mixture between sweet bitter chocolate and sour refreshing raspberry mixed really well. It makes the cake somehow lighter and you will be able to eat the whole slice on your own.

Tried their almond croissant, it was standard quality and taste. Nothing outstanding about it but not bad either. This place has various unique options of tea, very appealing for tea lovers. They served organic bottled juices too for organic lovers.

Score: ðŸ’‹ðŸ’‹ðŸ’‹
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Monday - Thursday - 7am-6pm
Friday & Saturday - 7am - 9pm
Sunday - 8am - 6pm

Café de la Ville
03 9827 1940
220 Toorak Rd
South Yarra
Melbourne, VIC 3141