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This new dessert boutique was made by the famous brunch spot and bakery; Chez Dré. Pronounced Bib-bloh, it's a patisserie, chocolate shop, macarons shop, bon bons, biscuits, gelateria, high tea salon, coffee shop, gift shop and book shop under one roof. 

Bibelot has indoor and outdoor seatings. Modern black and white french design with a little bit of gold and green strategically place. It generates a simple but carefully designs vibe all around the place. Limited seatings for large group number or people, this place is design for 2-4 pp.

The best seller certainly the Grand Gateaux platter ($45). One platter full of nine assorted mini size desserts. It looks very appealing and most of them taste good. Definitely worth a try for a first timer.

They keep changing things up with the platter to maintain our interest as well as their creativity on developing new delicious cakes.

The green tea cheesecake ($9.5) is another popular menu, not too sweet and have sour taste in the middle, just to brighten up your palette. Their coffee was decent quite bitter sometimes.

They also served prana chai which is lovely, the milk was smooth and fluffy. Besides that they also served selections of tea.

Matcha is definitely in trend right now and Bibelot served matcha latte (ice/hot), I decided to give it a try and sadly it's disappointing. It's very thick, bitter and grainy. I mixed it with more water and sugar then it the flavour improves.

The lychee dome ($9.5) is for lighter palette since it's light and refreshing, as well as the green tea dome ($9.5). 

The passionfruit chocolate ($9.5) is another unique cake cause at the bottom of the cake is large passionfruit macaron (the mini version of this included in the Grand Gateaux) and it mixed well with the dark chocolate mouse on top, the classic mixed of bitter sweet chocolate and passionfruit sour. I prefer this than the chocolate tart ($9.5).

Mango, yuzu, coconut ($9.5) is another refreshing, light and delicious cake by Bibelot. All the ingredients mixed perfectly together and perfect for summer.

Blueberry & Lemon cheesecake ($9.5) is another great sweet and sour combinations with soft mousse texture.

The gelateria is another interesting topic because the rum raisin gelato was amazing, you can really taste the rum and texture was soft and will definitely melt in your mouth. Other flavours such as green tea (a bit bitter just like real green tea taste), pistachio, yoghurt & raspberry are pretty nice too. I don't usually fancy sorbet but their mango & passionfruit, mandarin & yuzu, toasted coconut was refreshing and enjoyable to eat. 1 sccop: $4.5, 2 sccop: $ 8.50. Even better they are available for take away too.

They open till 10am on a Friday & Saturday, they used to open till late everyday. Beware! On Saturday and Sunday day time you have to come early or prepare to wait.

 Score: ðŸ’‹ðŸ’‹ðŸ’‹ðŸ’‹
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Monday-Thursday & Sunday: 10am-6pm
Friday-Saturday: 10am-10pm

03 9690 2688
287 Coventry St
South Melbourne, VIC 3205
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